Share Your World 9

Week 9

9th February 2012

Ocean View

  1. What are your 3 Favorites photographs?  Explain why they are your favorite.
  2. If you are not a photographer, think of three favorite scenes in your life and tell us about them.

Key West, Nr Orlando

This is my number 1, waiting for a bus and this was the view that confronted us, while sitting at the bus stop. Beautiful colours and composition.

Gorgeous creature.

My number 2, this gorgeous creature, and his eyes are just bright and alert, I had cropped a little from the right, purely ‘cos it had the date stamp and ruined this particular photo.

Cheddar Gorge

My number 3 is this rock formation in Cheddar, Somerset, UK. At certain angles, this is one, it can be seen to have a similarity to a lions head. Hence it’s name. Although my angle it has a human look.

I have to many to actually pick three favorites, but these three are amongst my favorites. The first one is my number one above all others.

I am not a photographer, but do enjoy taking photo’s and like many other people always looking for that exceptional capture. I do have many photos on my hard drive and regularly adding more and therefore generally trying to be a little better than a snapper. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

1. Favorite view is from hotel window looking across the car park and seeing Sea World, Orlando.

2. Another is a view standing on top of a hill (Bench Hill, Lyndhurst. New Forest.) and enjoying the open moorland, the ponies, and in the summer a local cricket team playing.

3.During my child hood, a few friends and myself would visit the local wooden village bridge and in the summer we would play guitars and have sing songs. Quite an attraction with holiday makers.


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