Say What?! Are you for Real?

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What’s the most unexpected or strangest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

Say What?! Are you for Real?

A Brilliant Experience!

Crossroads- MGM -Disney

Back in 2003 myself and my wife and my daughter were at Disney World. To be precise MGM Studio’s,now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it was a very nice hot and sunny day. It was approaching parade show time. We had to decide where to sit so as to get a good view. Once a place was decided we plonked ourselves down onto the kerb, pavement, sidewalk, which ever you want to call it, and waited patiently.
Whilst watching the parade and getting all wrapped up in the mood and fun and smiles, my wife had made a few comments and received a few in return to a nice colored lady, now standing to see the parade, the way people do when at the world of dreams. When the last float had passed and the tail end security pulled the ropes, and followed them into the distant garaging, we all started to leave. But during the brief conversation with this joyous lady, who now had more of her family with her. When she suddenly asked us, “Are you genuine English people, from England?” We held ourselves from laughing, seeing the funny side to this question, by realizing that this joyous lady was serious. So my wife answered “Yes, from Southampton”
Then quite unexpectedly this joyous lady shouted out loud to her other family members, “Hey guys come over and meet some genuine English people”. Genuine was quite pronounced, and we as genuine English people suddenly became a little embarrassed.
We were then introduced to her and her family, a few nice pleasantries were spoken and all was quite friendly as it should be in Disney, we all passed a few farewell words with each and then went quietly on our way.
Well, we went quietly.. he he!



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4 responses to “Say What?! Are you for Real?

  1. Nice story but I’m in my senior years and have my senior moments, like now, and don’t remember any unexpected or strange things said to me. ( smile )


  2. Great story! LOL.. people are funny when out of their norm. I know, I’m one. Being a somewhat sheltered traveler I am always enamoried with those from different areas & country. I want to absorb their culture that I know not of. I want to sit and have them tell me everything.
    So I suppose in some ways I’m able to relate to your genuine tourist.

    Shining on ~ BB

  3. Thank you Baroness, it is always enjoyable if what amusing sometimes. I just love it.. keep popping in thanks..

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