Live Writer 29 May 2012

29th May 2012 Tuesday

 Within the Darkness of Night


The cat sleeps quietly, The street lights dim,

Everyone retires to bed, Except for the misfit.

The shadows of the night lurk, The owl hoots are scary,

Everyone shivers within their beds, Except for the misfit.


The wind howls through the trees, Swaying back and forth,

Everyone sleeps through the horrors, Except for the misfit.

River waters trickle quietly on, Sudden splash of jumping fish,

Everyone dreams of these beauties, Except for the misfit.


Swaying trees creak and squeal, Tall dark shadows are staring

Everyone is happy in their sleep, Except for the misfit.

Horrors of the darkness is his beauty, The lurking shadows of fear,

Everyone carries on sleeping, Except for the misfit.


The night speaks to us all, Sounds quiver through the air,

Everyone still sleeps merrily on, Except for the misfit.

Night drifts into day, all the beauty now deserts him,

Everyone awakes to this new day, Except for the misfit.

Tonight when you go for a walk, Listen to the night talking

Then HE can sleep peacefully, HE can only be the Misfit.


22/3/71 Tuesday

At home Brockenhurst

copyright G.A.C./A.



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15 responses to “Live Writer 29 May 2012

  1. trishworth

    This is moving. Thanks Gerry.

    • Thank you, when I wrote it it was supposed to be humorous, but when reading the finished article it did not come out that way. Thank you Trish for stopping by and commenting always welcome thanks… 😉

  2. Oh what are you insinuating Trish’ heehee! no it is pure coincidence but a good one though I might say. 😉

  3. This is so good it brought e back to the days as a teen. I and friends would wander the dark streets. Now as an adult looking back and thinking of my own daughters I cringe at the thought of some misfit not sleeping and lurking the same streets as my girls.

    Of course I see between the words what I wanna see. This does not make it so. But it surely stirred up my imagination and the creepiness that can lie within.
    Thanks as always my friend for sharing. I always so enjoy~

  4. Hey My Lady imagine, laying your bed, next to the window. Curtains are not drawn, it is dark outside, and a rain storm just started, a few streaks of lightening and claps of thunder. The rain like small pebbles banging the glass of your windows, the wind is whistling, the street outside is absent of life, the nearby trees rustling it’s branches and leave. You look out of your window, eyes darting back and forth and settling on two small dots of light, two eyes reflecting, staring at you, no body, no soul, because this is the ‘Misfit’
    My house at the time has a small stream running past the end of garden.
    Thank you so much, am so glad it has ignited your memories

    • Two hours sleep last night, so feeling this poem this early morn. I suddenly remembered reading it, but for the life of me could not remember the title. I have been hapily reading each post here until I found it. Knew I would.
      . I remembered what I had said, about my girls.
      Now I came back because I see myself, I’d been sitting here thinking because God knows I anm not asleep that I must be some quirk of nature taht I do not sleep. Instead I lurk in my own mind feeling oddly out of balance with mankind. It was then that I thought of the world and saw a welcoming familarplace in the dark, on the street. It was then this poem came crashing into my memory. and I had to find it.
      Apparently a misfit can so be a she too. and her wandering can take place instead in her mind.
      I’m so grateful to know where to look for a friend who knows. and then to find that friend.
      Thanks again for sharing this. It’s kind of cool how it can speak in so many directions. Then the reader is having their real experiences from your written words.

      I’m sorry I missed the reply, another reason I was called back. ~ BB

      • You can see all the ideas I had in my head when i wrote it. It reads well to give the reader a chance to imagine how they want Thank you MY Lady 😉

      • This is when you know that you have something good, when you readers see their own vision in the story. Can insert themselves into the plot,
        I think you have an excellent .talent for creating a sceme in your readers minds, and then grabbing hold and taking them along for the walk. I keep finding more to be impressed with.

        Keep on sharing ~

  5. Tonight when I go for a walk! I think not! No more night walks for this girl. Nice but scary.

    • Do not worry, it is only on dark miserable wet and stormy nights, Well most of the time…lol 😉 Thanks Gemma for visit and comment always welcome…;)

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