Poems Collaboration by Immie and Gerry.

June 10th 2012 Sunday

The poems below were originally written by  Imogen Shepard © of http://mybyeworld.com/     and we have done a duet on poetry. Below is the final result of our collaboration. Immie wrote a couple of poems and then passed them to me to which I added some lines and words of my own. Immie liked what she read and then for me to post it. I do hope that of you who may read it, like them and comment to this. Also may I ask you to visit Immie via the link above or below and say ‘Hello’ Her site is well worth a visit, let her know you called. This post could be used as this weeks  challenge ‘Friendships’ Cyber friend.

A comment for Immie is I hope you approve.

She’s Gone ©

We have now drifted apart;         

no longer are we as one,

And, I still sent out the call. 

Knowing it would not be undone

Will you come?  Probably no.

Will you be here? Probably not.

Will I wait? Possibly so.

or  Will I go? Maybe, asking a lot.

You’ll never find her, the one you met

She’s gone.

It wasn’t to hurt you, it wasn’t to cause you pain;

Is this right, No, I think it could wrong.

Knowing in my heart I still want you,

Still believe in you, Still KNOW YOU.

Yesterday, tomorrow, is it too late?

Was it timing, or was it fate?

We will never know, 

But know this:

I AM her:

But I am also me.

Will that ever be ok…?

Will that ever be enough?

This poem is one by Immie who  had some very strong emotions and I think this poem shows a lot of feeling and emotion. I did not add much to this as I felt it was not for me to do so. How ever I did add/alter a couple of lines just to help it  read smoother.

I Love You ©

One day you will die,

I will not cry

Because we know I too will die.

Our hearts are joined,

Our souls are one,

So when you go

I too am done.

Stay around for as long as you can,

As our love only began

That day that we met and

That night that we slept.

So never leave, and

Let us continue to weave

What we have worked so hard to achieve.

For our love, our life in which we believe,

Both are now forever sealed;

My darling, my world, the love of my life,

Our happy cards are finally revealed.

Imogen Shepard ©

©Gerry A /C 2012

http://mybyeworld.com/   Visit her!




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21 responses to “Poems Collaboration by Immie and Gerry.

  1. Reblogged this on Gerry's Space. and commented:

    A collaboration with Immie, hope you all enjoy and visit. Thank you!

  2. trishworth

    Great! Better than great! Thanks for the poetry, Gerry and Immie.

  3. Touching collaboration. Lovely.

  4. What a great idea. Strangely I published something with similar sentiments to the first one today.

    • So glad you like and appreciate your visit and comments. Always welcome and look forward to your comments, I will check out your post as well thanks… 😉

  5. SOme very beautiful poems my friend thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Gerry, all I can say is WOW! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’m finally here! Hi Gerry 🙂 I read them and the tears came yet with a huge smile 🙂 Everyone’s comments are just brilliant bringing me a real sense of joy 😀

    The reason it took so long (yeah?!) was because I knew the feelings that would come up as I was in such an emotional state when they were written and I had to be strong enough to see them again, especially with your wonderful additional words! 😀

    All I can say is a HUGE thank you for seeing the feeling in my words who has only ever written these 2 poems and 1 other, So I’m really thrilled, I’m balled over to be truthful. Thank you….

    When I’m in that frame of mind again to write, you’ll be the first to know!

    Your friend, Immie 😀

    • Immie it is so good that you did, and after reading and adding some I really felt the emotions of these. Maybe not quite in the same way as you, but I could feel for you and your strength from them. It was a pleasure to do this and so much more knowing that you also liked. There is not much of meaning in my everyday life these days but this was definitely a major highlight. I know how hard it must be for you, and hopefully this is a step in the right direction… Always caring and honoured Immie…:)

  8. Reblogged this on It is a Strange Life… and I'm loving it! and commented:
    *Interlude*!! Hello All….I wrote a few poems when I began this blog – I had never written poetry before – and my friend Gerry and I decided to do a collaboration together and he made some great additions to 2 out of the 3 and he posted them on his site long ago and it has taken me ages to view them as I knew It would hurt me to read them again. But I just have and the tears did come yet I smiled at Gerry’s tidying up so I have survived!! I was in a very emotional state when I wrote them and I had to be strong enough to read them again and yeah, I’d love you to have a read…Gerry’s a fantastic poet and writer so do please visit his site https://cobbie69.wordpress.com We hope you like them 🙂 Thanks, Immie 🙂

    • It is easy for people to say move on now, but I just hope that I have been of some help to you as well as becoming a cyber friend. Thank you for the re-blog.. look forward to do some more….It really made my day after reading your approval…

  9. Wow! A beautiful, passionate poetry that moves the reader to feel and think. The collaboration created a unforgettable poem.

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