Share Your World – Week 29

Monday 25th June 2012

Share Your World – Week 29

If you want to join in then click the link and enjoy.

1.What sound of sounds do you love?

Answer:   I do love listening to the sounds of birds in the morning, Also rain pouring and hitting the windows. But I must also add the sound of finger picking and mellow sounds of guitar styles.

2.If you could be a tree or a plant, what would you be.

Answer:  Cactus or Gorse bush/tree, because I would be less appealing and therefore left alone and live longer.

3.What is your favourite recipe that was passed down from your mother or grandmother. And have you mastered it as well as the original?

Answer:  My dish is a simple one copied from memory that my mother used to make, consists of spaghetti, cheese and tomatoes. Cheese made into sauce, spaghetti cooked via boiling, tomatoes either tinned or fresh. Added for taste is salt and pepper and for me smoked paprika. All mixed together and then put into a hot oven until tanned. I do not consider it as good as the original because my mother is not about to test it. My family and I enjoy it.

4.What is your favourite genre for novels and why?

Answer:  My most favourite is fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Shanara Series,Watership Down, Witch Fires etc. The authors JR Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Richard Adams, James Clemens. Andy McDermott. Just a few. But also into Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerritsen, and Kathy Rose, James Mcgee. Just love fantasy and where it takes me, into another and completely different world. So it becomes purely imagination, and not the picture of a real place and events.

   Gerry A /C 2012.




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7 responses to “Share Your World – Week 29

  1. Hi Gerry. Love you answer to the 2nd question. Actually I like them all but the 2nd is clever!!!

  2. Very clever answer to #2. I don’t think that you’d like to be a prickly, unapproachable person though. 😉

  3. Very interesting, Gerry. I got a kick out of your reasons for being a cactus or gorse bush. The recipe sounds delicious. I love pasta of any kind; I love cheese; I love tomatoes. Will definitely have to try this one.

    Also thought you’d want to know that when I opened the notification in my e-mail about your “birthday” post and clicked on the link (title of post), it took me to a page that identified your blog, but said the page itself was not available. The You-Tube stuff that was with it opened up okay, but not your post.

    • Thanks again Sandra, you will love that pasta dish, it might take a couple of goes to get it taste to suit, but you will love it, simple but tasty. That post will be done but while I was composing it I pressed publish button instead or preview, so I had to quickly remove it. But will be posting on Saturday very early hours our time. So it will be there for the 30th. It is a little of ‘blowing my own trumpet’ but hopefully people will see it for what it is…. I thank you greatly Sandra as always love to read your comments,, thank you.

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