Red Flag of Destruction

10th August 2012.

Sub Titled – Loved and Forgotten.

Follow up from post of the same title.

Another top article by the  Daily Gerald1  reporters…Red Flag of Destruction..(Loved and Forgotten)

The archives were searched and this song was found, and for your enjoyment and in response to the post on Gerry’s Space of same title, but there it included a video with the song, so below are the actual lyrics.  As the writing shows it is very powerful song. Maybe not so relevant today, but meant a great deal in the 70’s


Red flag

Loved and forgotten she lived for a lie,

One day he’d come home and then she not cry.

She cried and cried as she counted the years,

And she finally laughed as she drowned in her tears.


Beneath the field of poppies her loved one lies dead.

The old man looked so harmless as he shot him through the head.

Believed in what he fought for he went for Uncle Sam.

Now this boy is cold dead some where in Vietnam.


In her arms a mother holds her baby that’s crying.

The babe lies there still, he’s slowly dying.

Playing in the grass he was so happy and calm,

Then everything when dark and he was covered in napalm.


Half a million people in the city in the night

When the sun came up there was no city left in sight.

The city it was flattened to the level of the drains.

And of the people there were fifty thousand charred remains.


To stop this from happening we must find a way

Change the thought within the book before the fateful day

But if this thing cannot be done, then their cry, their cry is so loud.

Then the only way to stop all their hate, gonna’ be a mushroom cloud.


Loved and forgotten she lived for a lie,

One day he’d come home and then she not cry.

She cried and cried as she counted the years,

And she finally laughed as she drowned in her tears.


Enjoy0                  OK circa 1973.



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8 responses to “Red Flag of Destruction

  1. Gosh I’m not shy… just a bit on the sly…
    This rocks me to the very core of my soul each time I hear it and reading the lyrics cut even deeper. These words and the power expressing just how vulnerable our guys were tears at my heart still today. What were we doing there?

    I think if a few words were just exchanged if possible without throwing the cadence of the piece off it”s still very relavant today. Pick your country in the middle east for example.

    Thanks for sharing the lyrics where I can read them and share them. This is a poem that goes so well with my nostalgic walk down the lane’s marked The 60’s and The 70’s this last several days. Perfectly timed1
    Thankyou kind sir~ BB

    • I will obviously answer your lovely response to these words. I felt the same and the more I read them the more I realised how powerful they were… Thank you BB for your kind words as usual, always welcome and honoured…:)

      • I wish you had sent to an editor at the time. I think it’s still so powerful it should not stay tucked away, instead should be shared with the world like you are doing. Bring on more dear friend of the 60’s and 70’s. Bring on more!~ BB

  2. Reblogged this on Lady Barefoot Baroness and commented:
    Looking for a bit of poetry to fit my walk down the years of the 1960’s and the 70’s. This is the perfect piece for where my mind set has been this week.

  3. Hi Gerry – so sorry to bother you but am trying to get the missing children cause onto my blog in widget form – could you email me on and step me through the process? I am a bit technologically challenged! Love your blog – Julie

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