Share Your World ’35’

20th August 2012 Monday


1.What is your favourite comfort snack food?

There are so many, but because of recent health diagnosis, it would have to be a fruit of sorts, Pears, plums apricots. Otherwise it would have been Ritz cracker cheese sandwich.

2.At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

My passionate and feeling is alive due my recent past of this last six months or so. 

3.What is your favourite outdoor activity?

I can enjoy a walking, my part of the world there is lovely Forrest and wooden area called the New Forest, and there are some beautiful places to enjoy.

4.If you could have your own TV channel what would it be about.

I need not say too much, those know my blogs it is an obvious choice for me. Music channel specializing in Blues and country Rock and blues and acoustic music. My era of choice would be 1958 through to 1978. But it would venture further if the music was of good quality. With all this bad news about, it would there to you away for a temporary relief..

It would be known a ‘GTV’ guitar tv or Gerry tv which ever..


If you want to join in on this fun challenge, then click the link and ENJOY….





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7 responses to “Share Your World ’35’

  1. Great answers,Gerry. I especially like your response to the TV Channel question of course. Sounds like something this universe needs. Music!
    I’d be a follower of your Channel. A Number 1 fan.

    So love the sound of the New Forest too. Sounds like the perfect place for walking.
    Really like this weekly challenge to share. Thanks for yours ~BB

  2. I’ll make you some virtual peach chutney. Might hop over to GTV aka your hippie music blog in a min.

  3. It would have to be Gerry TV…..Great answers. Thanks for playing along!

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