Share Your World – 2013 Week 2

Tuesday 8th January 2013

Share Your World – 2013 Week 2..

Join in on the fun by clicking Cee’s link or the link below, and say hello.

What is your favorite color?

AnswerBlue mostly, usually a nice deep blue, but sometimes depending on my mood it is Green, some greens are really nice and clean, the forest boy part of me showing through  the lovely rustic and rural colours.

Favorite thing to photograph? Write? Or Cook?

AnswerPhotographing skies seem to come out on top for me, although I like snapping anything that takes my fancy as each opportunity arises, and recognizing it is the hard part. Writing, these days mostly blogs, but have done Nano two years on the trot, and I enjoy composing song lyric. I suppose a little of everything. Cooking, I suppose I make a mean salad.

Name two of your best personality traits.

Answer – Patience is my strongest, with a touch of tolerance. Believe me I need to be both.


What word or words are fun for you to say?  And yes Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious counts a a fun word!

Answer – ‘What ever’. and – ‘Hey man can you dig it, that was so cool’.


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13 responses to “Share Your World – 2013 Week 2

  1. YOU are ON for a salad “prep -off” My Kind Sir! (I’d say cook-off but somehow does not seem to apply completely) I would not say mine is a mean salad, although a mean salad is right up my vegetable path.It might be a battle but I would be so willing.
    Patience and tolerance. Two of the most bittersweet words in the English language.. I dig very much your cool graphics for both words. Nice touch~

    • I think I’ll join in the salad prep-off too 😀 if that’s ok with you both.

      Is this a normal daily salad eg my evening meal, or a spectacular buffet event? I would prefer the first for a few good friends. And do we have categories for meat/fish/chicken/seafood/just veg – because you’ll both know mine will be the latter!

      Reminds me, I need to cook some potatoes for potato salad tonight …

      Oh and sludge green is my fave colour.

      • You can help along with the menu, as it does cater for different tastes. Maybe some chicken added but not into seafood or fish my self, but can cater for those that do. As long as it is enticing and colourful people will be happy. So until a nice summer day consider a provisional evening meal for the booking.

      • Sludge green ms? You are delightfully different!
        Mine would be any blue.

        Sounds lie we have a great salad prep=off. What fun!! A little Iron Chef in each i of us I see.

        Thanks for playing along.

    • I’ll just do a great mix of various vegetables, and dressings,, with a touch of pasta,, and chicken for the ones that wish it.
      My tolerance and patience can be a little wavering nowadays..So when the Summer days come you are invited..;)

      • So sorry Gerry for being so tardy on commenting back.Time.
        Summertime date a perfect time of the year for a prep-off My Kind Sir,
        I think I may be in for the time of my life when competing against you and roughseas for a stellar salad, Game on!

        I can relate to your need of patience and tolerance,, and that they are wavering, Sometimes 5 minutes can seem like an eternity.

      • Hey my lady no need to apologise,,In the Summertime is date for our salad party// thank you as always welcome..;)

  2. Congrats on NaNoWriMo. I did it in 2011, great experience. Still working on that project… “Whatever” used to get under my skin–especially when spoken by my then-teenage daughter.

    • Thank you Patti, yes it was 2011 and 2012 my nano, finished a story this year, but am still trying to finish the one I started in 2011.. will get there one day. Thank you again and please always welcome and pop back anytime..:)

  3. I’m guilty of using the word “cool” a lot. Thanks for your fun answers!

  4. Good answers. Thanks for sharing, Gerry.

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