Share Your World – 2013 Week 3

Tuesday 15th January 2013

Share Your World – 2013 Week 3

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Is your hair short (total neck and ear showing), medium (covering ears and neck), long (below shoulders) or extra long (at least halfway down your back)?

Answer – My hair today is collar length and thinning and is basically brushed or combed around my ears. But if you are regular followers of my blogs you might have seen pictures of when I was a lot younger when I had hair at it’s longest was midway down my back.. It was always clean,, and I never ever put it into a pony tail or tied back in any way. The only time it got confined was when I rode motorbikes and had to wear crash helmets.

What is your favorite color of hair?  You can name your hair color or a color that you just like.

Answer – I could say blonde because that was my colour, in the summer sun it did go very blonde with sun bleach.. But to honest I prefer the darker colour. Being a man a referring to ladies it would e dark to black colour my favourite. And on either man or woman I cannot stand bleached or dyed colours. Especially if it is growing out..So tacky looking.

Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?

Answer -Eating..People who continuously eat chomping jaws wide open mouths, so everyone can what it is they are eating, as if I care. I hate actually seeing TV close ups of people putting food into their mouth, but open mouth chomping and noisy as well makes me do things that are unreadable and not to be written about. At least politely.

What are some of your favorite type of proteins to eat? (meat, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)

Answer – I personally love most cheeses not keen on soft cheese though, being an English Gent I opt for strong Cheddar and Wenslydale, just recent I do go for Blueberry Wenslydale. Like eggs and preferably scrambled or omelette. Not to forget that mixing both and getting a Cheese omelette with a little onion on toast,,yum yum perfect.

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8 responses to “Share Your World – 2013 Week 3

  1. Your images are hysterically funny and work so well with your post while your responses always leave me smiling My Kind Sir,
    . I tend to agree with you about hair color. There is something ti be said about a guy with long blonde hair.I agree with your assessment of dyed or bleached hair as well. I have never done either to mine nor has it ever been given a perm of curls
    So how does your omelet making go? If you can make me a good cheese omelet with a mean salad then we’d never starve. 😉 I’ll make the tea.
    I am so not a fan of cheese, but don’t hold it against me (winking) it’s a texture thing, so as long as it is melted I like it then. a Cheddar or a Colby will be on my menu..I can make a mean & cheesy Mac n Cheese but not with all the cheeses you do,

    Summer menu planning in the works. So much fun. ;;-)

    • I can make a real cool omelette my lady, one of the first things as chef I learnt.. and the summer is now looking really good and cannot wait… and Maccie cheese I will bring some crusty bread as well.. I am so glad that you like.. please tell me though what Colby is,,, a cheese no doubt but what type.. always welcome my lady..;) Summer date ..

      • My Kindest Sir…summer date so it is then. And yes to the crusty bread please.
        Colby cheese a cows semi-hard cheese ,great for melting,and adding that other layer to a dish.But does not overwhelm by the flavor being so strong.
        Oregon’s own cheese factory on central coast,right close to my Rockaway where the Drinking Dragon like your brother dragon live sour in the sea.. It’s dairy land between Portland and the coast so all that dart needs to go somewhere hence the factory a very touristy kind of place, . Thought you might want a peek.

      • Thank you for this, I have bookmarked for later,, I have visited a few cheese factory’s here in cheddar, enjoy…they also make great cream teas…;)

      • Thank you for link my Kind Sir. I was there and then all over your neck of the woods. I visited the home of the cheddar and from there it was an additional adventure only ending after discovering some information on how humans came to be in your country again after the ice age. Really has an odd – “doubt many know” kind of story, It is something that might interest you. Don;t ask. how I ended up there.. don’t know.
        I got so wee- side tracked.bu what fin .Thank again for this link and the vicarious travels & people through your postings ~.

      • Love your line and detours, you can teach me now..;) thank you my lady..

  2. Have you been to the caves in Cheddar, Gerry? There’s quite a lot to see in the place. Good for taking children, good for climbing in the Gorge, but I won’t be doing that 😉

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