Share Your World – 2013 Week 8

19th February 2013 Tuesday.

Share Your World – 2013 Week 8

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What is your favorite day of  the week?

Answer – Monday if I have to choose, because it gives me the rest of the week and time to talk to the my favourite people for the rest of the week. But could say today is always my favourite because it means I am alive and kicking.

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? What was it?

AnswerCannot say I have, at least not one that I can remember. Having the running fast and getting nowhere and being chased and always falling over, but never getting caught. But i have written a story titled Our Dream, so I suppose I could say yes this is my recurring dream.. Don’t you think..TJT.

Have you ever been drunk?

AnswerHave I? Well I cannot remember if I was or was not. My friends at the time time said I got drunk on my 21st and crashed out on the lawn of a my friends girl friends garden, and apparently I was not the only one. But hey,,, I cannot remember. does drinking so make our memories vanish and play tricks. Or is it all the other illegal stuff. Belly laughing and thinking what you guys might be saying..’Is this for real?’ just to finish off that morning our friends car was hanging over the bank of river, just dangling.. How did it get there like that.. I dunno’ maybe I was drunk!

Out of your five senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing) which is your favorite?

Answer – My senses well lets look shall we,,

Touch is good, I still play a guitar, fingers and feel all together.

Taste,,my taste is good, I like good food, and my taste in music is equally good. So generally I have good taste.

Sight.. after many years of perfect vision I am now blind as a bat and have to use touch to get about, as well as glasses, varifocals.

Smell.. well that depends if I have had a bath recently. Because I use nice Radox soak.

Finally hearing,, speak up I cannot hear.

So my favourite must be my hearing because I can control what I want to hear.


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4 responses to “Share Your World – 2013 Week 8

  1. You make me laugh on a day with a sore throat which is not an easy thing to do.
    . I love your sense of humour and creativity in your answers My kind Sir.

    Interesting,that reoccurring dreams of being chased is common I think with us all. What does it mean? I have always wondered though if it could mean we are running to something, instead of away. Quite possibly still needing to look over the shoulder. I am fascinated by dreams as you know. I do believe Our Dreams are what bond us to all that we ever could hope for.

    Sounds like all your senses are in place, even hearing is what is should be if you can be selective and control what intake you are receiving. This is a good thing.

    Love to read your SYW posts.Always learn something new about you. And that too is always a good thing ~ 😉

    • What can I say my lady, your comments are long as my post heehee! But are you learning my lady is what I am writing truthful of just fable.. however it is always nice to read your comments thank you and welcome..;)

  2. Great answers once again and you gave me a smile.

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