Post of Grievance!!

28th February 2013 Thursday.


Daily Gerald once again has come across a topic that is of  concern to bloggers, whether it has actually affected anyone or not it is probably something that most are aware of and dread it happening to them. Now being alerted to this subject, and with a little research, found that there could be a problem. However talking to Gerry at his site and experiences, have decided to print our and his finding. So below is the interview with Gerry.

Gerry  – Just recently I have the honour to be in conversation with a fabulously close friend, and our chats have brought about many things. The topics of discussion ranged from changing the world to posting. Human nature and attitudes often get talked about. It can also been seen on posting and topics, and the comments that people leave. But it is the comments that are not there that I refer to. I always love it when I see a new follower, appreciation is the word I would use. But the people I am now referring to is neither a follower nor friend.

Paper -We see the news on television daily and see how cruel and nasty people can be, the way we, as in human race, treat each other. In similar ways things happen on the comments of our posts. We have recently read some rather unsavory comments,why, we do not know but maybe these people do not like the posts, or they are just being vindictive, spiteful or whichever words you wish to choose. How do you feel on this ?
Gerry – I can handle being disliked, after all not everyone gets on or liked. I can handle criticism, it is life, even some advice is welcome, but what I cannot handle, do not like and will not accept is this blatant rudeness or writing of insulting words. One comment referred to something on a post of mine, but the person did not look, read or check the links, but took it as face value and generally misread it, and then accused me of being wrong. By the way I knew I was not. I don’t mind being told if I am wrong in some thing I post if this is the case, but it is the way of telling, especially by a stranger.
     Over the last few months I have had several comments of this nature, I have deleted them by the way, at first I thought about responding to them, but decided not waste my energy and time. Plus did not want to get into a possible slanging match, they are not followers of mine I might add, and not from one specific person, I cannot prove this, because when checking their Gravatar there was nothing about them, no link to a site or even a name. All that they seem to use was rather intimidating Gravatar name. So I say these people are just gutless windbags with nothing better to do, but upset a lot of good people that have developed a friendly and happy cyber family. These troubled people hide behind false names. I do not know what they are trying to prove apart from upsetting people. They remind me of the people that start riots and walk away enjoying the mayhem they have started. By the way I am refraining from stronger language.
  Paper – Can we, the paper ask if there are any of you that have experienced this. We need to put stop to it, do not know how, this is negative and potentially harmful to some,  almost like getting a scam email or one of those dodgy phone calls. I know how to deal with them but not all people do. But it is the problem of stopping it and how to go about it.
But the paper will do their utmost to stamp out this abuse. Where to start.
Gerry -I would like to apologize to those of you that might feel offended, unless of course you are one of the vindictive mindless brain-deads, degenerates, reprobates or nasty person that enjoys this sort of thing.
thank you09
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32 responses to “Post of Grievance!!

  1. My Kind Sir,
    I love this Gerry!!
    I still have no clue why no e,ail alert to this sop IO am double grateful it was mentioned to me again,Had not I would have missed it, and this is a post not to be missed.
    WARNING: 😉 This will be an epic novel comment. ( but you are not surprised are you?)
    I find you saying things that i have thought, and frankly short of deleting unsavory & bullying comments I don’t know what to do.
    I had a couple of occasions about a year in where a non blogger tried to stir up drama on my blog. A blogger who I communicate with frequently on a personal level via our blogs had her blood sister took offense to our discussions,

    This non-blogger decided to have her say on my blog though I did not even know who she was. She had no outlet .with her sisters blog as she had been blocked. After I politely told her she was not welcome on my blog she opted to dress me down on my own MY BLOG! 3 times! I deleted her comments too. And notified her sister
    As you can see by my novel length comment here;ls you striking a chord within me.
    Thank You Gerry!

    • Hey my lady thank you for sharing this,, and is exactly what I am trying to seek out.. is this happening to others on a wider scale.. and if so how much and whether it is worth doing something about. apart from just grinning and nearing with it and deleting..I really do love your novel length comments my lady,,, but you might have competition with Sandra below…thank you and always welcome…

      • Hey you My Kindest Sir,
        You honor me Gerry with the way you accept me as I am, epic novels included.
        I wonder if there is enough bloggers on board if then WP would stand up and pay attention.

        I love Sandra’s novels as well, a woman after my own heart indeed. She also has great taste in friendships. You both are blessed to be friends, and I feel a kindred spirit with her because she is fond of you too.

        Thank you again My Kindest Sir. You make my week with your thoughts like this.~

  2. I’m surprised that other bloggers leave insulting words in your comment box, Gerry. I’ve seen this happen once to a member of my family but it hasn’t happened to me. I think it would frighten me away. So, good on you for giving them a piece of your mind! May all your enemies be spammed.

    • Well I am and was to Trish,, but it was trying to prove me wrong, which is fine, but it was the way it was said,, and tried to follow up to who they but they have no links to anything.. I was hoping to find out if it has affected many others,, and get to fight back if needed.. Thank you for your comment,, and Trish never let it frighten you away,, this is probably their intention.. seeing this sort of reaction.. welcome as always and appreciated…:)

  3. I haven’t had ugly comments, but I have had several times when “someone” posted a short note on my blog that did not apply to my post in any way, but when I tried to reply, there was no link that worked to get to a site of any kind. I’ve just assumed it was some computer generated thing from some of these big spamming groups. I guess I figured since most of them are computer generated, they hadn’t singled me out, but had sent out a bunch of them. But I’m not sure.

    Is there a way to turn information about them over to WordPress so that they can trace them back in ways that we can’t do individually? I’m not familiar enough with the technology to know for sure.

    But I agree that those kind of things are not worth responding to. I just trash them and forget them. But if you’re getting several and they are ugly, I’d at least report them — with a link to the page from your blog where they are — to one of the Happiness Engineers if possible.

    • What I don’t understand is how ANYONE could post something critical on YOUR blog. You are such a caring, gentle soul that I can’t imagine them actually being offended or upset by anything you’ve said. Your kindness and humility always come through. That’s why I’m almost positive it has to be a computer generated thing, because a computer would not recognize those positive qualities and would treat you generically — as it does any other blog.

      • I do not know why Sandra, people get some sort of kick out of it.. my posts were just tales from my New Forest including my personal touch, and some one thought it good to criticise and condemn my words. but it was the language of the disagreements.. But to honest there was nothing to disagree with…It was light hearted informative story. cannot and could not understand..three times on different post this has happened. again Sandra you honour me with the time you have spent with your comments,, always welcome and appreciated..;)

    • Sandra thank you so much,,, I had thought about a computer generated comments but my spam catches most of them and besides the comments I have had are actually referring to my post and it’s contents..And a friend of mine has said they had similar and WP could not actually do anything,, a bit negative in my opinion if this is so.. but I was hoping many people might get feed back and use the numbers to push it forward.. I do get a lot of spam material but this was purely individuals that are looking to upset people. And some people will not react as I do.. Trish above comment even said she would be frightened away, and this is when it is so wrong and these people should not be able to get their kicks out of this abuse, for a better word….My friend Sandra thank you so much,,and any other suggestions etc are welcome..

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    A very compelling topic Please read and share your thoughts ~

  5. I, too, cannot imagine why anyone would be negative with you-I enjoy your blogs. I think you have done the right thing to just delete them.

  6. This is a great topic, Gerry. Years ago when I first started blogging and leaving comments I encountered a similar incident.

    I don’t curse or demean anyone. My error was to leave a comment in which I questioned the blogger’s hate (her word) of my country.

    The blogger than wrote a post about my comment. It was nasty and uncalled for. I did not respond. My reaction was to block this blogger from my site.

    blessings to you ~ maxi

    • Thank you Maxi,, and nor I, if I read a post that gets to me then I just pass over,, and I can handle criticism but I what I do not like and will accept is the rudeness in the words and they things are said. If I am wrong then so be it, but the post was not a debating type of it completely unnecessary and uncalled for. And it has happened a couple of times..thank you and welcome.. you also did the right thing this blogger is one that likes to cause trouble or be spiteful..

  7. Blogs should only be visible to other bloggers. I have experienced a lot of drama with a family member because of my blog. I have had some bullying remarks but send it straight to the thrash bin.

    • Good on you,, the bin is a good thing,,why these imbeciles find it fun to upset of just do these things amazes me..but it is the anonymity of it having no guts to at least show their faces so to speak,,, thank you tersia..welcome always..;)

  8. I am astounded Gerry that anyone would do that on your blog. I have only once had someone tell me that what I had posted was not real…so I answered nicely that it was…and gave him a very detailed explanation of how i came to that conclusion and left it at that. That would leave a very nasty taste in my mouth indeed. i don’t really understand WP policies sometimes…like the one that says people can post nasty stuff and they will do nothing…but I guess that is the nature of the beast ‘free speech’. Sadly in the world today with the internet there are cowards who think they can say what they like, when they like and hide in their anonimity. I will admit to recently dressing someone down on his blog [sort of politely] about something he said that raised my ire…but I left my true moniker there so that he could find me at any time.

    • Hi Jo, thank you,, yes it was not a topic that asked for debate,, and it mattered not to me whether a sentence was correct, although I know it was. it was the words that was used, I would happily accept criticism, it hurts sometimes,, but it was the words and how it was said.. unnecessary and uncalled for and it has happen three times in the last three months..As to whether it is the same person. don’t know,,just threatening sounding gravatar,,,As always Jo thank you so much for stopping and commenting..honored and welcome.

      • I never understand why people have to be so rude Gerry. We seem to have forgotten that we can disagree with kindness too. A threatening gravatar ?? It sounds to me a little like there is probably a wimp behind it…over compensating and all that…

  9. Delete is the optimum response. To me, quite honestly, shitty comments flow like water off a duck’s back. There will always be less than desirable people whose main function seems to be Internet Trolling. YES! it is an actual fact.

    “In Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted.” “

  10. I avoid deleting such comments as far as possible. Instead, I take the opportunity to walk rings round them with words – something which is not difficult to do given the average mentality of such commentors. Of course, sometimes they are too dim to notice how completely they have been put down, but at least they cause amusement.

    • I would love to read what you write,, but I am not in the same league as you for this type of response to these degenerates,, but like you say it would probably all go over their head..Thanks maybe if get any more I’ll call for you to reply to them heehee! welcome as always..;)

  11. Interesting read Gerry, and like BB, I’ve missed notification of a lot of your posts (that’s via Reader not email, so no surprises there) so apologies for the late response.

    I did get an odd reply from someone on roughseas last month. She didn’t have a blog but a facebook profile. She described me as sad and coming from a mixed-up generation but she looked a pretty similar age to me! I left it up and replied politely, then wrote a not-so-polite post about it on Clouds 😀

    On my latest post on Clouds I have been described as:

    rude, narrow-minded, grossly intolerant, nasty, and gender-aggressive

    which the commenter said was what they had come to expect from me after following my blog. It does beg the question why follow, but let’s ignore that for now. However, therein lies the difference, this comment was made by someone who does follow and does comment regularly.

    I know Clouds covers some controversial topics, or at least ones where people have strong opinions, and my style of writing on there reflects that (sarcasm, some swearing). I can live with dissension and different points of view, but to totally ignore the content of my post and just hurl a load of insults at me is just unacceptable.

    And while I did try to reply sensibly, I just got another barrage of abuse. In the end I took down the conversation. I’ve seen others do the same because they feel it is adding no value to the blog. I was writing about a serious topic and I felt it made a mockery of that.

    I’d also asked people to be careful before they commented. I’ve had some crass comments on my blog by people (men usually) who know stuff all about feminism and didn’t feel like hearing the same drivel trotted out again, so I did offer to answer any questions people might have. Topic was political correctness by the way, but as well as feminism, I included disability issues, unemployment, H&S, and medical v social model as a range of examples about different terminology.

    Anyway, I was accused of censorship because i wasn’t intelligent enough to deal with the discussion. A discussion about me?!

    So it’s interesting that most of your readers also say they have done/would take comments down apart from colonialist. One of my readers said she would have left the comments up for exactly the same reasons, so that people can see the commenter for what they are. In this case I would say a bully looking to pick a fight aka a troll.

    Incidentally I’m going for the gold medal for the longest comment.

    Which I shall finish off by saying hope you get your novel finished, enjoyed reading your weekly summaries today. I completed the November one a few years ago and as I didn’t feel any sense of achievement I’ve not done it since.

    So if you reply to this – leave it until after Tuesday!

    • Hey very big thank you,, and should I put this forward as a contender for longest comment. I cannot fully get my head around why people do these things in the first place. I know what I think of them.. and I know what I could write about them,, but to me they are wasted energy… hence this post,, and it has opened eyes as to the amount of lowlife out there. I see it on Facebook and Twitter, not so much me personally being attacked,, but as this post states I have had some.. I can take criticism if it is valid but I do not really do posts that encourage this sort of thing.. even if I did there is still no need for the language and attitude to publicly write for all to see. I delete them because I do not want these people getting publicity and lowering my posts quality and appearing next to the genuine people like yourself who has decent and good things to say…

      Thankyou for your story and this fabulously long comment..
      Oh ps,, I have just notice I am also having the same problem as you about email alerts.. my reader for some reason has changed all my settings for all followers etc to none…so am now having to spend a few hours going them,, so I have missed many as well.. Thanks again and always welcome..;)

      • I can always win the prize for longest comment I suspect.

        Like you, I can take valid criticism or disagreement. That’s not an issue to me. But it’s the old story, please discuss the topic not attack the person.

        I think the decision about whether or not to delete is an interesting one. Leave it up for all to see the rubbish, and as you say, detract from the initial post? Or just delete because it is basically irrelevant? I went with the last one.

        Good post Gerry, and some well merited decent comments.

    • Thank you for the reply and it certainly has opened my eyes to this topic,, might be worth doing another with another angle,, we all have different views and it is very interesting to read them. Thank you very much for this wonderful response…appreciate it very much..;)

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