Nano #2

Sunday 14th April 2013



Here I am again, reporting briefly on my weeks happenings, trials and tribulations of the participating in this wonderful project.  the writing of a novel, poems, or short stories to your nominated word count. That is one main difference to the November Nanowrimo.

Sunday 7 –  No words today, the weekend is always difficult for me,  so my stat is saying finish on May 5th at the current word rate.

Monday 8 – I was actually going quite well today  until my daughter, who is still on Easter break decided to interrupt with some questions. I of course did not mind, but i could not get myself back on track  so only logged 1400 words, Stats saying the same.
Tuesday 9–  1000 words today,,not very many, unable to get my mind in sync with the story and it didn’t help because I was distracted by an advert about a site on Campnano called Leanpub and the investigating of it. It looks very good will investigate further.
Wednesday 10 – I was going fairly well  and at 1500 words,, chapter 4 , the story going well again. Setting up the scenes and plotting ideas and more characters being introduced.
Thursday 11 – Today I managed just over 2000 words, just meandering words, setting the scene and ideas further more. I was at a point getting rather bored, I am writing it but wanting to add some excitement, but decided to stick with tension. I don’t actually like killing characters, although I killed three so far.
Friday 12 – I had a chat with a fellow Camper… who seems to be struggling a little with words and maintaining the levels required and between us we boosted each others confidence.  I proceeded with a great word count and will by the end of the night have reached the half way point. A few days early because once again the weekend is here and the words will be few. After logging the recent count it now says I will finish on the 25th of April.
Come Monday I will probably be behind again, but still in touch. The mixed emotions and feelings and the up and downs are so hard to understand for me. But one thing for sure, that I like and would think every writer enjoys, is seeing the characters develop their personality, some even write themselves. My main characters in this story are all based off my brothers and sister. Or how I see them ,,,,heeheehaaahaa,, the evil laugh echo’s across the WP cyber world. 
Join in the fun and click the link and leave us a request.


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15 responses to “Nano #2

  1. I hear the evil laughter of one brother through the land… sibling relationships & their ups and their downs. You know how intriguing this is?

    Word counts are in the bucket for me, please wish all your unspent words on Sunday my way My kind Sir. Send me the muse please. 😉
    Happy writing.~

  2. Trying to write a short story and i’m stuck after about 2,000 words 🙂

  3. This is a delightful post, Gerry, and I’m glad you’re making good headway. I really did laugh out loud at your saying you don’t really like killing characters, but you’ve killed three so far — and that was before you were at the halfway mark. I’d say some of your other characters better watch out!

    • Hi Sandra,, yes I know, but not bad for me,, my third novel and other short stories these are the first… but now I have the taste for blood ,, heeheehee,, the evil laugh rings out…Thank you Sandra as always welcome..;)

  4. To catch up to that extent you must have written up a STORM! How many words was it? No doubt you are strongly motivated by this desire to kill off your siblings … er, characters!

  5. I spent a good part of yesterday deciding my chapters for my next book were too long, so I broke the book up into Parts (3 so far) and Chapters (8 so far). 16,442 words. And I haven’t gotten to the really good stuff yet.

    I’m having so much fun writing fiction. My imagination is blooming. This is a serious book so I don’t have to worry about being careful or clever. I just write what the characters in my head tell me to write. How great is that?

    • I have had discussions with a fellow blogger/writer and being the author I can manipulate any situation, and when all seems lost, we can call in the cavalry..And yes this is my third, and only completed one, so after this project I am going to try to finish my first project.. a few short stories all bagged, and looking for outlets now..thank you very much for stopping by again..welcome..;)

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