Camp Nano #3

Sunday 21st April 2013

Also posted on Legends Undying.


camp-291x300   Come Monday 15, I was not as far behind as I thought I would be. My Sunday 14, actually allowed me to write a few words therefore maintaining a consistent move with the word count. I was lucky enough to have a quiet period to be allowed to add. Come Monday I set aside my time and wrote and eventually got the momentum and my chapter was developing nicely and my character, youngest sibling, was showing his true colours.

Tuesday 16, My chapter I am on I thought would be easy, which it is, and because of the character I also thought it would be short, but it has developed and moved into being a main part of the story. One of those moments when the writing of the words started to write themselves. This sibling I have decided will be the linchpin I hope. Not bad considering I was not intending to make much of his part. 

Wednesday 17, Finally finishing this chapter, I was very pleased with the way this chapter evolved and the story line that came from one paragraph to another. I even surprise myself at times, I enjoy my writing, but some days better than others and this was one of those better days.

Thursday 18, This day, the opposite to yesterday, new chapter, new character, me, my character, and it seems I do not know myself well enough, I spent a few hours looking at the screen. Thinking of ways to get started, writing a line or two, then promptly deleting. I had written a short story a few weeks ago, for this story so I included it but had to edit to make it fit. So my time was spent doing this. After this I did write some, getting it started at least, hoping I can add more tomorrow.  I am on a current word count of finishing on the 28th April. So yey jumping and seeing the finish line.

bgrn2191l   Participant    2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-Badge

Friday 19,  A day that became a non writing, my circumstances meant I was unable to write any today. I am not quite hitting the stress factor. Laid back and Mr Cool I am,,

Saturday 20,  Today I started and fully had good intentions to boost my word count, but after a few hundred words I got myself hooked up on a name for a character, trying my hardest to get one that I liked as well as one that fitted the story. Thinking of names of people I know or knew and making a few changes, but still could not get past this. I some of you might say that I should have moved on to something else, but I could not get this out of my system, so once again I became non productive. And now with my  Sunday coming, I think I will seriously be behind the daily word count. But the race is not over yet….

In my cabin this week we have lost a cabin mate, do not know why, and two others have not even bothered to log any word counts, and one of these had decided on 150,000 words, like dream on I thought. There is one camper that bothers to chat, but unfortunately the others are just not turning up at the camp fires. Plenty of sausages for me.







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2 responses to “Camp Nano #3

  1. It is so interesting how characters can unfold themselves, and surprise even us the creator. They sometimes write themselves into a more complex role than originally thought. So cool how that can happen.

    Keep the faith My Kind Sir, we’re on the home stretch . Just when some people I know work their best. 😉

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