Camp Nano #4

Sunday 28th April 2013. 

Also posted on Legend Undying

Nearly there, am I? Tuesday 30th April End date,, me in the UK gets a few hours extra, being between 5 to 8 ahead of you American friends.  And 8 to 11 hour behind you Australian friends.  But does this really make any difference, or is it me just thinking silly thoughts.

I am writing a little tease at the moment, because to be honest I do not know if I will do it. I am confident but I have had a few days this week where I have actually done nothing. All due to varying reasons ranging from personal to word block.

camp-291x300Sunday – Cannot  remember!!!

Monday – Cannot remember!!!

Tuesday – Cannot remember!!!

Wednesday – Cannot remember!!!

Thursday – Cannot remember!!!

Friday – Cannot remember!!!

Saturday. – Today I can remember, I did manage and had to do some writing, with Tuesday the deadline day arriving. I could honestly do without doing these posts. Do not get me wrong, I love doing the posts but just once in a while they can be a nuisance. I need to be typing away. This Camp Nano is important to me and a couple of other fellow writers. We have all tried inspire each other, struggling a little here and there. Various interruptions in their world has caused their word count to falter. But we have been giving each other pep talks and hoping it will see them and me to the end.

I will not tell or cannot tell you whether or not I have been successful, because, this week has been very up and down with the writing and word counts. However I must say I have enjoyed the emotional journey thus far, so until the final day Tuesday, I cannot tell you whether I am a winner, I just do not know.  So my good friends, you will have to wait now until next Sunday.. So wish me luck…. Thank you.



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3 responses to “Camp Nano #4

  1. Your post makes me smile my Kind Sir. In fact you made me giggle out loud and you know what my neighbors think about that. 😉

    I still think we should just ask the world to stop, let us off so that we can just write.write..write. How dare life get in our way..heehee…
    Thanks for the cheering me on & helping me find the muse again.
    I think I might make it now.. So close…

  2. How dare it indeed my lady.. so naughty.. 🙂 always welcome thank you..

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