Share Your World – 2013 Week 44 Would You Rather … ?

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Cee’s Challenge this week if you want to join in on the fun click the link for more info and a visit to her site…


Share Your World – 2013 Week 44 Would You Rather … ?

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Would you rather …

  1. Always have the sun in your eyes, while driving no matter where you go -OR-have to use your heater, full blast, in the summer and AC, full blast in the winter (also while driving)?                                                    AnswerThere is no other than to use heater an AC, because one can still drive and even open windows.
  2. Be able to go forward in time on 3 different occasions in your life – OR- go back in time once?                     Answer –  I would choose going back once, when there I could change all that I wish, and then my future would be as I would have wanted.
  3. Be considered annoying -OR- boring?                                                                                                                             AnswerI am already considered to be both, so picking one would make no difference at all.
  4. Be the last-ranked person in an accelerated high school class -OR- the first-ranked person in a decelerated high school class?                                                                                                                                         AnswerNot sure what this is exactly, but guessing I would go for the ranked in an accelerated high school class. Not sure really.
  5. Drive 100 miles on a freeway with speed bumps every ½ mile -OR- drive 100 miles on a freeway that is completely covered with those little reflective lane dividers?                                                                           Answer – In my case it would have to be reflective lane dividers, thinking of car damage..and the speed bumps are so very annoying.
  6. Find out the house you just bought sits on top of an earthquake fault -OR- an top of an old burial ground?                                                                                                                                                                                 Answer – burial ground for me, keep reminding me I am alive and need to live it well. Plus as I am a bore it would be dead boring wouldn’t it.  😉
  7. Have an itch in the middle of your back at all times -OR- an eyelash in your eye all the time?           AnswerAn itch, and forever walking about with a long handled back scratcher, or Velcro stitched on the inside of my shirts. Automatically scratching as I walk.
  8. Have your picture be on the one dollar bill – OR – on the cover of every magazine and newspaper once?  Answer – dollar bill because living in the UK I wouldn’t have to look at it.
  9. Never again be able to make a right-had turn while driving -OR- never again be able to go more than 3 blocks straight in a row while driving in your town?                                                                                       Answer – Both an impossibility where I live, but if a choice was made, then then it would be to never again make a right turn, not too bad here as mostly it left side drive and left turns are easier.
  10. See everything in slow-motion -OR- see everything at double speed?                                                             Answer – Slow motion for me, my life knows no different, I am almost at a stop anyway.



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12 responses to “Share Your World – 2013 Week 44 Would You Rather … ?

  1. I like truthful answers and I feel your ARE.
    You always show up after I post but I don`t understand why, although I subscribe to your posts, I`ve seen none, only your responses. How has the last year been since last year`s NaNo, or are other things on your plate now. 😀

    • Hey thank you for this am honoured, I have done this years nano an doing a daily post on my Restawyle, Xmas Love Story [Gift of Love] pop over and have a look. I continue to look in to yours as I enjoy them… This past year has been okay.. finished nano a story called The Parchment.. hoping yo are well…I did recently have about six week break, but I am still going at Restawyle now. Welcome as always.. thank you….

  2. I sure had fun reading your answers this week. Never thought about the left turns being easier for you. Guess you can tell it is an American game!!

  3. Rob

    I think it is taking me a while to navigate your blog – finding out what is where. Anyway, I had fun reading your answers – especially the one about whether you’d rather be considered annoying or boring 🙂

  4. I think I had the same answers for all of yours.

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