Writing 101. Day 1 [Unlock your Mind]

Monday 2nd June 2014

Unlock your Mind.




My new attempt at a challenge via Dailypost. Here is my first one and I hope you all enjoy and support it. Keep me encouraged if you can, thank you.



Unlock the Mind..

Just before reading this first prompt I had finished reading a comment from one of my blogging friends. So this seems a great opportunity to start this task with, of Unlocking my Mind. 

Back in youthful days I was luck enough to live in a wonderful part of the British Isles, which is the New Forest. I and my friends experienced so much that it offered, like for example, music venues and cinemas and theaters. The music venues staged many types of music from plays to bands and solo artists. Whether one liked these artists it mattered not, but the one thing that was consistent was their professionalism and quality. Some of the bands went on to become famous and world-famous. Uriah Heep, a very loud rock band, Hawkwind, who became famous for their Silver Machine number, only to mention a couple. 

Very local to me, in fact just across the green in the local grammar school they held concerts monthly. There would be bands of all styles and in a separate hall there was often a solo guitarist playing folk, blues or general acoustic. And again there appeared some top acts of the era. Ralph Mctell, singer of Streets of London. John Martin. Whatever your taste here, you would find something you would enjoy. 

At this time, I must say that I and friends also played the guitar and was in bands of our own. I for a while played solo and played at numerous folk clubs, I later joined bands and even formed my own. I was also very lucky to live near more larger venues, a couple in Bournemouth, The winter Gardens, Roundhouse. Then there was Southampton, the Gaumont now Mayflower, and some specialist pubs. 

My world was rich with the arts, but I suppose like all locals at the time we took it all for granted, as we did the wildlife as well. The wandering Forest ponies and cows and donkeys, and certain times of the year there would be pigs released to eat the acorns. Apparently acorns do not agree with the horse and cow digestive system so the pigs would eat them first, their digestive was okay with the eating of acorns. Then we must not forget the deer and rabbits and snakes and the birds, here was an absolute sanctuary for the wildlife that lived happily amongst us, of course we did not notice them most of the time. I do remember chasing horses out of our gardens, these clever creatures learnt how to undo gate catches. Then some clever person invented the horse proof latch. Here endeth my twenty-minute write.

I am not sure what they mean by the twist so for this one at least I will ignore and leave it be.


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9 responses to “Writing 101. Day 1 [Unlock your Mind]

  1. Put It Together 4 U

    I enjoyed reading your blog. You write with such vividness…I could easily envision the array of animals and the setting in which they would frolic. You have a new follower! 🙂 I look forward to reading more. Best wishes in Blogging University! ~ Angela

  2. Interesting read about the music scene, acorns and a the animals. I would not have known only pigs can digest them. Aah, the good old days. 😉

  3. What a delightful trip down memory lane, Gerry. I too have some of those kinds of memories, and sometimes I find myself wishing that I could live a few of them over — but ONLY if I had all the wisdom I possess right now.

    • It is prompts like these that bring some to the forefront. and is good to write them down and share.. have to do todays prompt,, a story I think. Welcome Sandra. 😉

  4. Silver Machine was soooo good.

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