Write 101 Day 2 [Room with a View]

Wednesday 4th June 2014




Write 101 Day 2.

The coach hovered in parking mode, passengers embarking. Today the coach was just over half full, my sister and myself found a seat near the front, we both enjoyed the view from the front windows.

‘Fasten seat belts, doors closing.’ the intercom announced.

The coach revved and rose and slowly moved off, in a matter of seconds it reached high speed. Zooming faster than the speed of sound, passing over the choppy sea of the channel heading to Europe.

Our particular destination was Spain, to a place just outside Barcelona. My sister said, “it will be nice to visit a place our past relatives have been to.”

On arrival and we disembarked I asked my sister, “shall we take the hover tram or do the old-fashioned walk?”

“I think the walk is a good idea, get the feel our relatives had all those years ago… don’t you think?”

As we walked I looked at some digital pictures of the area my relatives had taken, the area had not changed much. Climbing steps and walking a footpath, manicured gardens to our left, mostly neat lawns with trees. The closer we got the busier the area became, people were mingling and rushing about. Small groups chatting and couples holding hands and laughing, every emotion could be seen. We came upon a huge public courtyard, people sitting on the steps leading up to the cathedral, people sitting on the low walls, children full of excitement were chasing each other, dodging and weaving in and around the people.

Happiness showing on their young faces, innocence shining through.

An announcement echoed through the air telling the crowd, ‘the show will start in fifteen minutes’

The sudden activity and bustling came, as the people tried to seek a good viewing position.

Music started vibrating through the air, some classical sounds of past masterpieces at first and then followed by some rather boring digital sounds. A few minutes in, the street lamps went dim, and the laser and hologram appeared at the centre of the large circular concrete stage. The pictures being transmitted were of a large fountain, dancing water and colours to match. High spouting sprays and small sprays, waving in a circular motion. Intermittent spouts, shooting high, dropping low, motionless and then dancing. The mixing of the colours morphing with the water and the music creating the drama. Low emotional bass sounds, high treble tones, fast and slow tempo’s, water dancing to the sounds of the music.

Ooh’s and Aah’s from the audience as each crescendo, and each chapter of the show created a happy and joyous atmosphere.

The show lasted for thirty minutes, the crowd started to disperse, and the large courtyard emptied quickly.

Sister and I read a few of the notices that were positioned at intervals around the concrete stage. One notice showed a short movie of the dancing water, which was originally set in this concrete stage. Another notice explain how the fountain was filled in many years ago due to wars and a massive water shortage.

Twenty years ago the church reclaimed its control and created this hologram and laser show of the original fountains.

“It was brilliant wasn’t it bro’ I could imagine our past family sitting here and seeing it for real.”

“A shame we could only see a reproduction.” I said in reply. We walked around the large concrete stage reading all the notices and learning so much.

“Come on bro’ I think it is time to go, not much time left to catch our coach home.”

“That show was truly magical sis’ I can see why it is called the Magic Fountain.” I said and took my sister’s hand and led her away down the steps to meet our waiting coach.

Gaa/C © 4th June 2014

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8 responses to “Write 101 Day 2 [Room with a View]

  1. Nice writing style. Engages the reader to be a part of your story.

  2. Loved the concept of the hover tram and the difference between fast transport and old fashioned walking!

    • Just my imagination working over time… thanks again for catching up on a few of these posts. This 101 is daily, weekends off though… welcome 😉

  3. Good story. The ‘fasten your seat belts’ surprised me.We don’t have any for that kind of transportation if I understand correctly. 🙂 I’m always learning something new.

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