Write 101 Day 5

Friday 6th June 2014.



You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your  twist? Be as succinct as possible.

In Remembrance of D Day and the surviving veterans of the Normandy Landings.




Write 101 Day 5

Words – 288.

It was quiet as I walked the country lane, no vehicles on the road or in the fields. Not even the chirping of a bird was heard, the only sign of life was the bumble bee on the flower, hovering to each in turn. On this summer evening I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

It was when I came to the cross road I notice something on the ground, laying on the road in clear sight. I picked it up, an off colour cream envelope, inspection showed it was a rather old envelope, the post mark printed was faint unable to read the town or city name but I could make the year as 1917.

I read the name and address on the front, I could not believe what I was reading. Surely this is not true, what a coincidence, no it is more than a coincidence, it is fate or could it be good fortune. I opened it and read the words, one page handwriting on both sides. If I understood this letter it was not good news. I had to get it home and let my mother read it, it is what should be done the right thing to do.

Mother sat down after reading the letter twice, she opened the page again and read it for a third time. She became very emotional, tears rolled down her cheek, “This letter is from my dad telling my mum what to do if he does not come home. But he was expressing his undying love and thought for her. This was the last we ever heard from him. He was lost in combat.”

Gaa/C© June 2014


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15 responses to “Write 101 Day 5

  1. Reblogged this on Restawyle and commented:

    Follow my series of 101.. thanks all..

  2. Too many letters written like that, so sad.

  3. A truly touching story, Gerry. And so fitting as a tribute to all those men who gave their lives on that fateful day. So many died, but so many others returned home never to be the same again.

    One of my uncles was so scarred by his experiences during that time that most of the rest of his life was haunted by addiction to alcohol and a lifestyle that goes with such addiction. But when he told of landing at Normandy and coming under such brutal attack that he and hundreds of other men had to literally tread on the bodies of their fallen comrades to get across the beach and find some kind of protection, I knew he had been trying to escape those horrible memories for the rest of his life. Shortly before he died, however, he came to know the Lord Jesus personally, and became a totally changed man. His face glowed, and he had a peace that was wholly indescribable.

    • Yes Sandra I do not think we can imagine what they went through, one story today one veteran said was they all did not expect to return home and as they all disembark and ran the beach only one in six reach safety part of the beach wall. Strange kind of safety but they felt lucky.. My grandad was in the first war my mother help build gun boats, she was a qualified carpenter. welcome

  4. My mind and heart has been at Normandy all day. Great work thanks.

  5. The anniversary of a terrible day but we honor our veterans, both alive and gone.
    Whew, your story is a tearjerker.

  6. Wonderful piece – great to honor our veterans!!

  7. As Roughseas has said ‘Too many letters written like that’

    A few years ago, I went with some friends to visit the Normandy beaches.
    Although there were plenty of folk walking on them, all the beaches had an eerie silence about them.

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