Write 101-Day 6

Monday 9th June 2014


Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.






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Every day we live and once in awhile we get reminded about our vulnerability and it is this that has brought upon my words for the man I have written about and I hope this also reaches the twist as well.

The morning of January 2nd 2014 I awoke, not remembering what the past two days meant to me. Were they ever there, did the 31st and 1st ever exist? I would argue they did not. I was now coming back into the world, realising where I was and what had happened to me. I now lay in a bed in HDU ward, and could see many people rushing about their duties.

8.30am a group of people met at the bottom of my bed and conversed amongst themselves and then one spoke to me, I have changed his name, “Mr Ainger I am Doctor M’ and I was the surgeon that led the team on your surgery. The surgery went well with no complications, now we take care and you will be out of here shortly.” he smiled and walked away to join his team now at the end of another bed.

The next few days passed and he had not returned, but one afternoon he walked through the ward and stopped and had a chat. Firstly telling me about my operation and what is expected. i noticed he was calling me by my first name. This tall athletic man always had a smile for all his patients and his hair although short it was rarely neat or combed. We chatted about interests hobbies and after about half an hour he left.

I had just been through major open heart surgery, and being in hospital feeling a little low but optimistic I found after talking to this man I would feel generated and happy with ambitions of living.

Because I had complications ie: air pockets in my chest and collapsed lung, and having tubes and needles in me where I never dreamed I could ever have. At times I would feel down, unable to move because of these additions to my body. This man, this surgeon would talk to me and after I would feel happy and confident again.

Because of the complications that developed my surgeon often had arguments with his team. One would tell me one thing and what might happen, but then my surgeon would tell me something else, and as I have said I felt a lot better, happier within myself. My surgeon was a man who stuck to his point and argued with his team and in the end he was proved right. He was an honest man, always talking to me and his other patients, and even take the time to make conversation.

One Sunday afternoon he came into my room, dressed in casual jeans and sweater and trainers. He just popped in to see his patients on his day off, he was encouraging me to eat and continue to exercise. The one subject he kept on encouraging me to do was to look forward to walking around the New Forest. This positive attitude would help get better sooner.

My surgeon was and is one that not only given me life he showed he could be a friend, make me smile and seemed very genuine in what he was saying. He proved he was not only a doctor or surgeon but a person as well. He would argue his point with his team but would always listen to them at the same time. I will forever be grateful to this man.

I am not sure if this challenge has been covered by my writing here, but at least I have participated on my number 6..

Gaa/C © June 9th 2014.

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3 responses to “Write 101-Day 6

  1. You are lucky to have such a personable and caring surgeon. One needs understanding and empathy at a time like this. I admire your doctor for not having his head in the clouds. 😮

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