Write 101 Day 12

Tuesday 17th June 2014

Not a Good Day..



Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.  We don’t write in a bubble — we write in the world, and what we say is influenced by our experiences. Today, take a cue from something you’ve overheard and write a post inspired by a real-life conversation. Revisit a time when you wish you’d spoken up, reminisce about an important conversation that will always stick with you, or tune in to a conversation happening around you right now and write your reaction. Take time to listen — to what you hear around you, or what your memories stir up.   Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.


Not a Good Day.

Write 101

Day 12.

Words… 512

My car had broken down , and to get to my destination I had to go by train. I knew from the moment I bought the ticket this day was not going to be a good one. Standing on the station platform, amid many others, the two people, a man and woman standing next to me were arguing. Their voices were quiet but being so close to them I could still hear them. I tried not to listen, not wanting to eavesdrop no matter how difficult this was proving to be.

I moved away a few steps, a little further along the platform just as the train was drawing in slowly.

I quickly found a seat, and made myself comfortable. This busy moment I was lucky in this part, to have found a seat. But the unlucky part was the couple were still arguing when they sat down in the seat behind me.

The train moved out of the station and I was on my way to Bournemouth, I have left plenty of time to be sure.

“I tell you this train will be stopped and we wont get to Bournemouth, there will be a problem, no, actually there is a problem.” the woman was saying forcefully.

“You are just being paranoid, there was nothing on the notice board, or announced over the speakers.” the man argued.

I was hearing every word clearly, and it was becoming very annoying.

“It hasn’t happened yet, but it will by the time we reach Hinton.” She said.

“Now you are really are over reacting.” the man said, “I know you can foresee things, but not like this, so please stop we shall see shortly.”

There was silence, at last a little peace, I was glad for the peaceful and quiet journey, only forty minutes but it can be a long time.

We stopped at all the regular stations and continued as normal, two stations to go and we arrive at the station this woman was talking about.

The train arrived safely at Hinton, and it remained stationary for longer than normal, when a guard walked through the carriage telling everyone that the line was blocked and we had to use the laid on coaches for the rest of the journey.

Out in the car park there were too many travellers for the coaches, and I was one that had to wait for another coach to arrive. Eventually the coach arrived and I boarded and once again on our way. Because of the delay and waiting for the coach I arrived in Bournemouth very late.

I rushed to my interview but was now so late I debated whether I should go in. I did go and I was refused my meeting because the person who was to interview me had left. I was the only one to be interviewed today, with my lateness the interviewer had to continue to another department.

So my ill thoughts of today was right, but then again it was Friday 13th.

Gaa/C© 17th June 2014.

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5 responses to “Write 101 Day 12

  1. Of course! Friday the 13th. There is nothing right about that day. 🙂
    Fascinating story.

  2. What an interesting twist that you got held up and missed your interview, but evidently the young lady who predicted the hold up made it to Bournemouth okay.

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