Write 101-Day 13 [Serial Killer 2]

Wednesday 18th June 2014.


On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.    Today’s twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this one as the second installment — loosely defined.



Pt 2. continued from day 4.

Write 101 Day .. Day 13

Words 786

In the shop, an antique plus bric-a-brac shop, Angela and Isobel sat in the back room chatting.

“But sis’ I really thought it was in the cafe, I had been nowhere other than that. You see Issy, I left home with it, as you know we planned to lock it in the shop safe. I did my usual, stopped off at the cafe ordered a coffee and drank it and left. All this took no longer than fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t worry Angie we’ll find it, Graham knows stuff and how to seek it out.”

“But Issy, the violin just seem to vanish on its own, there was only one other in the cafe and she was still there when I went back. Jean behind the counter said she saw nothing and I believe her, she has been a friend for a long while. The violin is valuable to only us.” Angie said again crying as Isobel gave her a hug.

“We shall find it, what ever it takes we shall find it.” Said Isobel comforting her sister.

Graham read both the instructions and the verse and neither made sense to him. He unrolled the certificate and by looking carefully he could just make out the two line verse the instruction page mentioned. The two lines read ‘Looking high all you will see is the sky. Look low and you should see and press the bow.’ Again this made no sense to him. He read the verse in the diary once again…

‘The resting place where silence is forever more.

Quietly you may see the words telling you.

Take the stone, touch the map to open the door.

Inside is the prize that you always knew.’

He read them once then twice and once again, he found not much made any sense to him. “I think I will put it to Angie and Issy.” he said quietly to himself, as he put the certificate back into the tube.

In the shop Angie had just finished serving a customer, when Graham entered the shop and passed the customer as she exited.

“Hey girls I got something you need to know, I have to tell you both something. A little something mum had told me.” Graham spoke loudly as he walked across the floor towards the shop counter.

“I’ll close the shop and we can chat in the kitchen, it is nearly time anyway.” Said Angela.

In the kitchen Graham explained his findings and why mother asked him to keep in to himself. “So you see, Angie, you left the violin alone and because of the place being unknown it sensed danger, not sure what danger, maybe just the fact of being picked up by a stranger. Because of this the violins magical qualities came in, to save it, it vanished, to a place we have to find out with these verses.”

“If mother knew of this then why does she not know where the violin will appear?” asked Isobel.

“I am not sure Issy, but I think it was because she never lost it. That is probably why she told me about the certificate and the diary, it is these that will lead us to it.”

Both the girls just looked at each other not sure what to think. Graham pulled out a map from his coat pocket and a chain with a glass pendant attached. “We need to scry for it and hope we find an area in which to look.” Graham unfolded and laid the map on the table. He then dangled his pendulum over the map and moved it slowly around. “Mum did say that if this happens to the violin it is never too far away from its home base. Its home base is Angela’s house, so I will concentrate on this area.” Ten minutes of turning the pendant and chanting spells with no result the pendant suddenly thumped onto the map, and fixed onto a place. The girls looked and saw its position, “Its a graveyard, the same one our parents are in.” said Angela.

“You don’t think it is our parents grave do you? asked Issy.

“It looks very much like it. I suggest we hurry and start a search before the dark, come on.” said Graham folding up the map and then tucking it back into his pocket.

Gaa/C© June 2014

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3 responses to “Write 101-Day 13 [Serial Killer 2]

  1. Q-o, I do love a mystery. I wonder if the violin is buried is hiding behind the stone. 😮

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