Write 101–Day 14

Thursday 19th June 2014




Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. If you need a boost, Google the word and see what images appear, and then go from there. 

Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.


Write 101

Day 14


The Book – Dark Legacy of Shanara -[book 1] Wards of Faerie.

The word chosen is – ‘Ferret’.

For attention: Head of Animal Police,

The other day, two days previous to this letter, I came upon a situation I think you should be made aware of.

Down by the stream I was witness to a ferret a rabbit and an otter, all three sitting on the river bank, what looked at first as if they were sunbathing, enjoy and relaxing in the sun. I would go as far as to say they were even talking to each other, but my point is they were minding their business, harming no one or any other animal. Everything was quiet until the three vipers slithered into their space. The rabbit was scared but was being protected by the ferret and otter. The ferret seemed to be the leader of the three animals as it was him that faced the vipers. The vipers then circled the animals and the ferret was getting very angry, baring his teeth and snarling at the snakes. The snakes were hissing loudly and showing fangs. For five to ten minutes nothing more than angry faces and noises were the threats, until one of the snakes slithered closed to the rabbit and struck at him. The ferret saw this and was faster than the snake and managed to stop the snake in mid strike, by catching the snake by his neck and promptly snapping with one quick twist. The snake fell dead.

Because of this action the snake tried to retaliate, even though they started the trouble. Another three snakes nearby moved in and stood ready to take action and get their revenge. The ferret and the otter were fast, too fast for the snakes, but they were hindered by trying to protect the rabbit. Several more vipers slithered in to join the melee. With the extra snakes the poor otter and ferret stood no chance, their resolve was slowly being overwhelmed.

It looked like the end for the ferret, the otter and the poor helpless rabbit as the snakes surrounded them and moving in on them. Suddenly there was some high pitched yelps and the appearance of a family of foxes, a family of four came running in to the aid of the animals. The snakes gave a retreating hiss as they saw the new danger and threat they quickly slithered away into the long grass and disappeared.

Anyway my dear sirs, my point here is we cannot have the vipers intimidating and harming the animals. The other and main point is ‘where are the badgers, the police, we need more police on the beat. These nasty and violent vipers once again got away with their actions.

I would like to read your reasons and how you are to deal with this incident and similar reported ones.

From your law abiding domestic husky dog while out for a walk.

Gaa/C© Thursday 19th June 2014.

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10 responses to “Write 101–Day 14

  1. Is clever a good enough reply??

  2. Ha ha ha. This is enchanting. I love that a dog wrote the letter. What is better than man’s best friend looking out for HIS friends. ❤

  3. Very imaginative, Gerry. I too love the fact that the letter is from a dog — my favorite animal.

    • And a husky as well, my favourite of all… I wonder where my ideas come from, I scare myself sometimes. 😉

      • I’m always amazed by the fact that I can be writing a story that I THOUGHT was going one way, and before I know it, the whole thing is taking a turn in a completely different direction without any forethought from me.

      • Exactly as I find my ways at times. ideas come as i write and I follow this lead… interesting isnt it..

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