Write 101 Day 15.

Saturday 21st June 2014

Your Voice Will Find You.



Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair. That life-changing music festival. A conference that shifted your worldview. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force. How does that make you feel?  Today’s twist: While writing this post, focus again on your own voice. Pay attention to your word choice, tone, and rhythm. Read each sentence aloud multiple times, making edits as you read through. Before you hit “Publish,” read your entire piece out loud to ensure it sounds like you.


Write 101-Day 15


It was this morning, sunny and warm, I was walking the streets of my home town. My friend was talking about the music club and who we should invite to play. The music club has become a success in such a short period of time, a matter of year and half, the artists are lining up to appear. The occasional top national artist but mostly local talent includes the ones on the verge of fame. The club charges a small entrance fee, only to cover costs, making it very popular with the audience it has built up. It has and must remain non profit making music club.

We were talking about hiring a local blues band, they were once very big in the eighties, but now, although still gigging it was the small circuit they were engaged in, and we were lucky they lived local. Their line up has changed over the years but still the main lead vocal and guitarist carry the name. Suddenly my friend stopped and pulled a flyer from the street lamp. It was telling people that the music club was to be taken over by the council arts centre. The problem was they intended to make high entrance fees and narrow the music to orchestral and brass bands and choirs.

“Hey man, they cannot do this. It is our club.” I said annoyed.

“It is their halls that we use, I suppose they can do it.” my friend said.

“Well we shall see about it. We need to get the guys together and see if they know about this and plan an attack to stop this.” I said now bubbling with anger.

“What can we do, any ideas?”

“Not yet, a petition, I don’t know. We shall have to organise a meeting. Got to remember the bookings we have to honour.”

Later that day I organised our six members of the committee and we were to meet at 5pm in the hall just before the evenings gig. The time passed quickly and we all arrived on time and promptly got the discussions going.

“We must stand up for ourselves, it was us that has made this music club successful. Our persistence through the rough times and with us as a united group pulled it through and got it to the position we are in now. We cannot allow this take over of our club, especially as the intentions are to stop the local support of our local talent. The council will kill this club and our hard work of the past 18 months will have been for nothing. I ask you all do you agree and if so what should we do about it. A petition comes to mind for me as a start. Can I ask you for a show of support before we decide on our actions.”

I was not surprised at the result of the vote, all of us has agreed to stand up and fight the council.

The following weeks we, the committee members, set about and gathered support and signatures on our petition, we got more than even I expected. We also lobbied the council and got a TV slot on the local magazine and news program. Every chance we got, whether it was the committee as a whole or individually we put pressure on the council. Each day that passed we gathered more and more power and support, flyers were printed and handed out and pinned on lamp posts and notice boards, in fact every where one looked there were some form of advertising about the club and its dilemma.

In the meantime the music club was continuing and the musicians joined in with the petitioning, we even managed to get some top national renown artists on our side.

Four months on the council relented and would let continue with the club on one condition, which we agreed to. That condition was that we staged a classical night once a month, and the council would assist in alerting us to the artists. On our announcement of our success it was me they asked to speak a few words.

“Well it goes without saying, I and our committee want to thank every single person for their efforts and joining in on this project, no matter how small it was valuable. We agreed to their terms and it is their terms that we intended and have done already. The only difference is we shall now be doing a classical night once a month, but the artists will not necessarily be local. We can handle this. All we have agreed to is the regularity of this concert. Thank you all and see you at the music club.” We continued our club and from then on we filled the hall more often, meaning our success was now imminent.

Gaa/C Saturday 21st June 2014.

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3 responses to “Write 101 Day 15.

  1. This is a feel-good story. I love when the little guy wins. 🙂

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