Change of Name.

Sunday 15th March 2015

I have an announcement to make!


I have decided to rename this site, as you can see it is now ‘Sitting on the Porch 2’. It was the name of one of my other sites which was originally brought to life a couple of years ago to post short stories, poetry etc. It started well and the stories were good, mostly with someone sitting on the porch with me and telling me a story which I then re-told on the site. But unfortunately it has not worked out the way I had hoped, I have found it very hard to keep posting and give it the attention I wanted, so hence my decision to delete the site.  But one good thing is that this site can continue with the good intentions I originally intended. So I hereby give notice that “Sitting on the Porch” is no more. The good thing is that this site ‘Writing Hell’ is now titled as above and hopefully will continue with the good stories and poetry my old site used to post. Because I am in the process of revamping this site hopefully I will start posting some original short stories, most of around 1000 – 1200 words. Maybe more in cases as these are purely guidelines.

Sitting on the Porch symbol Gerry A/C 2015



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6 responses to “Change of Name.

  1. Whatever Gerry, always enjoy your posts.

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