Confused or What!

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Confused or What!

I have looked so hard,

Tried to see what is there.

But my mind lets me down.

Up and down, everywhere.

The blacks and grey,

All mingle, blend, blur and fuse.

Other people, they look and say,

Those two trees they do not amuse.

Edges looking frosty and dark,

A cold winters morn.

No birds, not even a lark,

Only snow those hills adorn.

Lonely they stand, clouds above,

Blotches of cloud float high.

Here I see no love.

Sadness now, time to sigh.

Maybe I see no snow,

Just grey and white with some black.

Meaning what? I don’t know,

Like I said, I see nothing, vision I lack.

Simplicity it certainly shows,

Again my view, probably wrong.

The picture showing no rows,

Time for guitar, must play a song.

Gerry A/C© March 2015.





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11 responses to “Confused or What!

  1. The next time the sun rises, will be a new day, a new start and maybe a brighter day. ❤ 😮 o_O

  2. Nice to read your poetry!

  3. Love your poetry, Gerry. The wintry scene sounds bleak, but music always brightens the day. 🙂

  4. Hey, Gerry, I read this back when you wrote it for the picture, but I happened across it today while looking to see what else you might have posted (because I think your posts have stopped coming up in my Reader again.) But, anyway, what I wanted to say is that it has an altogether different feel to it without the picture, doesn’t it? With the picture, it’s almost a fun piece, but without it, it seems like something very seriously introspective.

    Hey, by the way, what happened to the original “Sitting On The Porch” ? I knew I hadn’t seen anything posted on there for a long time, but I’m never sure it that’s because my WP Reader keeps messing up or not. Did you do away with the original and I missed knowing about it?

    • That is what I thought about it without the picture.. I decided to close the original Sitting on the Porch, I felt it was going nowhere and I was so wrapped up in other things I could not keep it going. So I decided to rename this one because I do like the title. I did do a post announcing..
      But like my other Porch I am struggling to keep this one up to date.. Hopefully soon I will be able to and start with old posted stories etc, and maybe do some prompts… Not sure yet,,, am a little dry at the moment. I do hope they are getting to your reader… thank you Sandra and welcome….

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