Taking the Stairs [poem]

Friday 6th January 2017

Taking the Stairs? [poem]

Pushing the button, I get locked away.

My vision is blinded, cannot see a thing.

Routine, same thing again today,

The sudden jolt, I hear a little ting.

Rising or falling, watching the number,

Seven, eight or nine, many more.

I am just like any other consumer,

Watching and waiting for the door.

Another ding, and the door parts,

I am still alone, on my own.

I stumble as it once again starts.

Something strange it starts to groan.

Numbers stop and red lights flash,

Heart rate rises, what do I do?

Calm down, do nothing brash,

Breathe calmly and wait for the crew.

Not again, second time this week.

Can only sit down and wait.

Once again do I turn a cheek,

Again it looks like I will be late.

Patience is now getting very thin,

They should start supplying chairs.

Uncertainty is getting under my skin.

From now on I’ll take the stairs.

Gerry A/CĀ©

March 23rd 2015



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4 responses to “Taking the Stairs [poem]

  1. Love the poem! It took me back to a ‘lift incident’ when I thought the door wasn’t working. I descended to the correct floor and the automated voice said ‘Doors are opening! Doors are opening!’ Well they weren’t! After going up and down for a while eventually on my third descent I glanced behind me. Bugger! Never knew there were TWO doors! Crept out of the lift with nonchalant expression, and hoped there hadn’t been a security camera in there because the staff would have been rolling around laughing!

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