Think before you???????? [poem]

Friday 15th January 2016.


Think Before You Leap.

I sometimes wonder by returning home,

Is it the right thing to do.

Yes I do still call it home

It is not the same which is quite true.


The village life is still within

But the people are no longer, gone.

Gone maybe, closely related more akin,

We are still singing the same ole’ song.


Thinking of now, living the moment,

Today not tomorrow or yesterday.

Everything one does is heaven sent.

Slogging through life, no way!


Ambling through the water-splash,

Strolling over the rickety old bridge.

Walking the grassy country footpath

Standing, staring out from the rivers edge.


The sun shines brightly on my apple tree,

The fruit is young with colourful blossom.

This tree was the place I wanted to be,

My tree was never far from my home.


No longer there, finally lived its life,

Its memory now takes its place.

As long as it remain bright and rife,

Need not travel back just to keep face.


When our present becomes our past,

And our now is what we want it be.

We are not in a play, not part of the cast.

We are the one who writes our story.

Gerry A.

cropped-sitting-on-a-porch11.jpg Gerry A/C 2016©



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14 responses to “Think before you???????? [poem]

  1. Oh, that last stanza says it all, Gerry. When we finally get to the place that we live in our “now,” we get to write our own life story. Very provocative. Was this born out of a real trip “home” that you took, or is it from your vivid imagination?

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  3. I had to read this again. I still like it a lot.
    Hey, why don’t you take up the challenge with Tish Farrell’s picture? With your bent for fantasy, you’d write a great story about it.

  4. You are a deeper thinker than I, Gerry.
    A wistful poem. 🙂

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