Sneak the Spider

Friday 29th January 2016.




Through a Web Darkly.

Sneak the Spider. [my title]

“C’mon Holly we should turn back.”

“Not yet, we are nearly there. I’m sure it is not far.” Holly kept moving forward.

“You know we should not be here….. I don’t want get lost.” Robin said as he made a grab for Holly’s hand. She pulled away from him, and  hurried around the bend. Robin stopped, he was scared, he had never come this deep into the wood. He was trembling, it was now he thought about going back. His mother would punish him if she finds out he has come into the wood. Both he and Holly have been told many times never to enter the wood and go past the large oak.

“I told you it was here, Robin! where are you?” Holly shouted looking about and not seeing Robin.

Robin heard her voice and ran towards her, around the bend he saw her in the middle of the track looking into the wood. He reached her and looked the way she was staring and became as entranced as Holly.

“Wow! that is big.” he whispered to Holly.

“But isn’t it beautiful? All those colours.”

They both took a step forward towards the edge of the wood.

When from above the largest spider ever floated down from the branches of the tree. It halted eye level in front of the children, its mouth moving but nothing could be heard. The spider was as big as Holly and Robin, all black and hairy with legs everywhere.

“Hello little people, do you like playing games? I have many games we can play.” the spider said in a voice that sounded like air leaking from a balloon. Holly and Robin squeezed each others hand, “I haven’t had company for sooooo… long.” the spider wheezed.

“I don’t trust you spider, you trying to trick us because we are children.” said Holly nervously.

“I don’t trick children, I am lonely, and have many games.”

“Okay then tell us your name, I suppose you do have a name?” Robin blurted out unexpectedly. The spider hurried up into the tree on his rope size web. Both children looked at each other, slightly puzzled, then moved another step closer the giant spider web that was weaved between to large pine trees with the straightest trunks they had seen. The colours of the web glistened in the sun, the rays shooting through the trees creating a magical look. Holly reached out to touch the web, “no, Holly don’t touch it you will stick to it. It has a glue on it to capture flies.” Robin said holding Holly from touching it. “My mum said that is how they catch their food.”

The spider glided into view from behind the right tree on which its web was built. Standing in front of the children he looked at them both in turn, “my name is Sneak, I am often called this. What is yours?”

“I am Holly.”

“I am Robin, I am Holly’s best friend.”

“I do not have any friends, would you like to be my friend. Come into my parlour and play a game with me?” Sneak’s breath blowing Holly’s long hair to one side. Holly could smell bad breath, breath smelling like a waste bin.

The web started to spin from the centre, spiralling outwards, slowly getting larger. The edges were glowing blue and green with the centre a deep glossy black. Just for a moment Holly and Robin were hypnotised to the vision, the spinning colours capturing them and holding them.

It was the pinching of Holly’s hand made by Robin that pulled them back to the moment.

“You are trying to trick us spider.” shouted Holly.

“No, no little ones, just want to play games.”

“That is what you are doing playing games with us.”

“You are a sneaky old spider.” Robin said giving the spider as much an evil look as an eleven year old can give.

“I cannot see through your web, you have no parlour do you?” Holly asked.

“It is to stop you sticking to my web, and once you step through you will be able to see my parlour. A nice little room with a log fire and home made carpets over the dry earth. There is a nice wooden table with chairs.”

“Okay, Sneak, say we believe you, then you go through first.” suggested Holly.

Before the spider could reply Robin shouted to him, “why can’t we just go round the back, behind the trees.”

“It is magic, this world you are in is magic. You passed the giant oak tree didn’t you. Have you not been told not to go past the giant oak tree. Well now you know why.”

“I think we shall just turn and go back home.” Holly said annoyed with the spider.

“Aah! but you can’t. You are now here for me to play with. If you go through my web you will be safe and we can play games.” the spiders breath was beginning to hiss loudly.

Robin tapped Holly on the shoulder and started to whisper into her ear.

“Must not be rude little people, no whispering.” The children ignored him, Holly smiled and nodded and whispered something in reply, they both finished with a nod.

Robin moved slowly away eyes peering to the ground looking for something.

“Okay Sneak, we have talked and will play games with you, but you have to go through your web first to show us the way. We are scared little children who are lost, and believe you to be our friend as we do you.” Holly said quietly. Robin returned from his search and again whispered into Holly’s ear.

“If you little people are ready then follow me, but be careful not touch the edges.” Sneak moved slowly to his web, the spinning colours getting brighter, and the hole had become large enough for the children to climb through. They moved towards the web and waited for the spider to proceed through the hole. Both children noticed that Sneak was also being very careful not to touch the edge. Slowly he moved, lifting each leg carefully making sure he was safe before moving on. He kept moving delicately and when almost half way through Holly looked at Robin. “Now, throw them.” Holly said to Robin

Robin then threw several sticks and a couple of large stones at the web. He gave some to Holly who also threw them at the web. With each stone or stick hitting the web, the vibrations made the web react. The spinning stopped, the colours turned dark, and the hole started to close. Closing quickly and trapping the spider.

“It worked.” shouted Robin.

The children heard a loud hissing of anger as the spider realised he had been tricked. The trickster had been tricked.

“Run, Robin quick lets get away.” shouted Holly as she grabbed his hand and ran off back along the path whence they had come.


“Holly, Holly wake up, you’ll be late for school.”

“Oh mum he was horrible and nasty, all I wanted was to be his friend.”

“You passed the giant oak didn’t you?” Holly nodded, “well I will tell you a story when I was your age one day, now come on get up breakfast is on the table.

Gerry A/C January 28th 2016©




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5 responses to “Sneak the Spider

  1. Sneak the Spider caught by his own devices. This is a fun yarn, Gerry. It zips along. Thanks for your response to my pic. From your bio you sound to have done an awful lot of writing. Very impressive. Keep at it 🙂

    • Thank you Tish, I do doodle a fair bit some good some not so good.. mostly fantasy, but in process of writing a mystery crime..I do enjoy challenges as well… welcome always and appreciated..

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  3. Oh, I think I know what Mom’s story will be about. This is very involved, Gerry. See, I knew you’d come up with something special.

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