Magic Violin pt 1

Monday 22nd February 2016

Today my porch is dry, the weather is bright with a slight breeze sweeping from my left. My tea-cup is empty and will refill when I have told you todays story. Please enjoy this repeat to which I never posted the 3rd and final part. So part 1 of 3 is below just to refresh everyone’s mind.  ENJOY!


MAGIC Violin Wallpaper__yvt2

Pt 1.

Words 756

Isobel came running in, slamming the front door and then falling over the carpet and shouting ‘ouch’ as she hit the floor. On her knees and leaning forward on her hands, she looked up at Graham, who had rushed to her aid, “Angela has lost the violin, the one mother gave us.”

“Tell me you are joking, I mean she has just mislaid it in the shop!” Graham said frustrated while Isobel took his hand and he pulled her up to her feet. Isobel sat on the arm of the chair, and started to rub her knees, “No it is not in the shop, at least she says it’s not. She told me she thinks she left it in the cafe this morning, and when she realised it was missing she rushed back to the cafe and it was gone. And no one had seen it.” Isobel started to shed some tears. “That was our mums, it is the only thing we have of her.”

“Where is Angela now?” Graham asked.

“In the shop, and she is very upset as well. To be honest I don’t think she should be there on her own, so I will go and sit with her after I have freshened up.” Isobel stood and went upstairs.

Graham started to pace the room, in full thought, he knew something about this violin that none other knew. Their mother had told him and pledged him to secrecy. With this knowledge he knew of a possible way to locate it, but he needed to find a certificate and a diary for the year of 1926. This was his secret his burden, he had to put trust in his mother’s wish as to why she told only him. So until he sees otherwise he will continue to keep it secret.

“Okay Gray I am going to the shop and help Angie, maybe find some thing new.” he stopped pacing and faced Isobel.

“I got a few things to do and after I’m done I will meet you both at the shop.” Isobel waved as she exited the house.

After making sure Isobel had gone he clicked open the attic hatch and pulled the ladder down. He climbed the ladder and found a light switch and started to search the attic, looking through boxes and bags, he found nothing. Pulling out a couple of boxes that were stacked on top of each other he noticed hidden behind them a small wooden chest. Scrambling around the boxes and other bags he pulled the chest forward and tried opening it. It was locked or was it jammed or rusted shut. He had a good feeling about this chest, he knew it contained the articles he was searching for. No matter what he tried it would not open, it stayed firmly shut. Graham remembered this was a false lock, smiling to himself he turned the chest round so the back was facing him. Sliding his finger along the edge he found and pressed three hidden catches. As each catch was pressed Graham heard a muted click, it was when he pressed the third catch the lid popped open.  Pushing the lid fully open he then rummaged through the contents, in a matter of moments he found what he looking for. A sealed leather tube with an inscription of, ‘Only the blessed, only the anointed will have the power’

He opened the container and pulled out a rolled up parchment, a certificate, it was his mothers violin concert certificate. He briefly checked it and put the certificate back into its container.  He said to himself ‘now diary where are you?’

He closed up the attic and headed for his bedroom, and to a wardrobe. On the bottom shelf he found a shoe box which he took out and tipped the contents onto the bed. He saw it immediately, a bright red book with large gold numbers 1926 embossed on the front cover. The book was 80 years old but it looked brand new, as if just bought from the shop.

Graham then flipped through the pages and he found all pages were blank except for two pages. One had a verse and another which had some form of instruction, to do what!  Both pages had old English style script, looking like the words had been burned onto the pages. Deciphering the text was his task and hoping it would lead him to the violin, he knew he was the only that could do this.


Gaa/C ©  June 2014




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14 responses to “Magic Violin pt 1

  1. Oh boy … does this mean that you’re working on Part 3???

  2. Gerry is this set in 2026, or is it your maths? I like it, it’s a good read and I’m off to find part two now!

  3. Oh, you haven’t posted it yet?

  4. Great story, Gerry. Can’t wait to read the end of this story. I still remember the 1st part though it’s been quite a while. Don’t keep us waiting too long. 🙂

  5. Don’t leave us hanging for too long, Gerry! This is very good. 🙂

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