Possible Fate? Dream

Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Have managed to complete the allotted word count on my current story. Leach and Wilson. A crime fiction story. New ground for me because I usually write fantasy, weird creatures and magical lands with witches, wizards, fairies, elves and other creatures common to these stories. Below is an excerpt from my current story, I am at this moment very close to finishing it. Maybe about another 1000 words give or take a few hundred. I will let everyone know when this big event, big for me, actually happens.



Andrea was running through the house, each open door was inviting, but she continued to run. The corridor was getting darker and narrower, she was finding it difficult to see her way. She stretched out her arms with her hands grasping air. Feeling her way, touching the walls, the smooth cold tile. Why is there tiles she thought, this corridor leading nowhere, the doors ceased to be visible not because it was dark but because there were no more doors. The walls were continuously guiding her way, she was being squeezed there was just enough room for her, she was now walking. The further she walked the harder it was getting. She felt something tugging at her, she leaned forward, struggling to put one foot in front of the other, until she could move no more. Her body was doing the motions but she was not getting anywhere. The darkness that had enclosed her started to evaporate.

The sound of men behind her shouting for her to stop. The sound of gunfire, and bullets ricocheting off the walls. The screaming and shouting was getting louder, she could not see anyone, it was her who was screaming. The darkness was now almost gone, when a man appeared before her. The face she knew, she recognised him but just for a moment she could not put a name to him. Then it came to her ‘Spencer’ and she tried to speak his name but no words came from her mouth. His face showed fright, he was in pain, she could see tears in his eyes. Behind him another man appeared, he was laughing, Andrea could see evil his eyes. She shouted at Spencer but again no sound was heard. Still laughing the man produced a gun from his jacket and pointed it at Spencer. Andrea screamed, then shouted again, she felt her throat tightening, she was still hearing nothing. The man fired the gun, the bullet exited the gun barrel, slowly it travelled through the air. Andrea tried to grabbed Spencer, tried to push him but her hands went straight through him. The bullet was getting closer, Andrea closed her eyes, still seeing everything. She put her hands over her eyes, still she could see. The bullet was now so close she just screamed and screamed as the bullet entered Spencer’s head. The blood spray slowly misted out from his head, until the bullet exited his forehead and took half his face with it. Andrea then could not see Spencer, he was no longer recognisable. Was it Spencer she was looking at, she wasn’t sure anymore. She looked away, unable to look anymore, her eyes looked at the floor and she saw Spencer’s face, the piece of his face that had been shot off. His body slowly collapsed, when suddenly sound hit her ears. The sound of laughing echoing from the man who killed Spencer, the laughing face of Gary Walters, the wealthy murderer, appeared in front of Andrea.

The vibration of the phone in Andrea’s pocket was getting stronger the longer it continued. She suddenly jumped awake, she had been sweating, her forehead was soaked and her shirt was sticking to her. When she stood to retrieve her phone she almost collapsed back into the chair. Her injured leg had decided to tell her she should go to the doctor. She squealed as the pain shot up her calf into her thigh. It took a few seconds to gather her thoughts, she checked the caller ID as she put the phone to her ear, “Hello Alan, how’s it going?” She was surprised when the female voice on the other end spoke, “Hi, I’m a friend of Alan, and am at his flat with him. He asked me to phone you and a Lois, he has been shot and is currently sleeping.” Andrea interrupted her, “shot! how but….”

Rachel just said, “Look I am here and will tell you everything when you come to his flat. I assume you know where it is.” she didn’t give any chance for a conversation she ended the call.

“Is this still a dream?” she muttered. She looked at the time on her phone she had been asleep for nearly four hours. She found the number for Lois and pressed the button. It was engaged. She automatically thought the girl who rang her was now ringing Lois. Andrea had to make herself a some coffee before she went anywhere, her body was still sticking to her clothes and her emotions were still a little mixed up. A coffee or two was ideal medicine to calm her and bring her into reality.

Gerry A/C 2016©



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