About Gerry A.

About me, yes well do you all want to be bored, no I didn’t think so.  So..

This blog is going to be an extension of my other blog titled ‘Restawyle’ previously known as Gerry’s Space my link http://cobbies69.wordpress.com/

I am not sure as to what to post in it, at this moment I am thinking about my story/novel, which I call

The Knight of the Oak‘ at the moment it is not finished, but it was part of my NANOWRIMO participation. I did manage to do the 50000 words in a month, the month of  November 2011. So by doing this and putting the chapters into a blog it might just inspire me to finish it.

Nano 1 Dec 2011

 I did carry on with the story, after the NANOWRIMO month, but it has just amble with no real path. But if I put some chapters into my blog, your comments will be of the utmost importance to me and the path it will finally go down. The story line is a Fantasy, a faerie world with magic and strange creatures. Some nasty and deadly some friendly, we all know the format. But some of it is based from my own memories of the forest and woods and a few personal, but slightly altered.

Also during Nanowrimo 2013 I also completed this with a Romance story called ‘Our Dream’ but this was finished apart from some editing and general tidying up on the grammar etc. It had been entered into a competition on Amazon but was unsuccessful.



23 responses to “About Gerry A.

  1. Wow – 50000 words a month… That is seriously a lot of work! I’ll stick to my match reports and the occasional attack of thoughts 😉 Keep it up! Thanks for popping past my blog – your comments arec greatly appreciated 🙂

    Best wishes,


  2. Congratulations for conquering NaNoWriMo! All the best on your novel.

    • Thanks for visit etc, Nanowrimo, it was great fun, like this wordpress and all the bloggers, chatting to each other and enjoying each and every ones blogs. I have learnt that there is a world out there, that just enjoy the nicer things.

  3. I appreciate your consistent encouragement on my blog. You are truely inspiring!

  4. I did NANOWRIMO as well and am in the process of editing my novel… I would really love to read some chapters from yours, it sounds good, just the kind of stories I like. Mine was more futuristic but had natural elements 🙂 It is a difficult task to write that much in a month but it is amazing when you look at all you’ve done… I just printed out my first paper copy and I’m thrilled and horrified at how many errors there are! It was a great way to get involved with the writing community. That is also why I love WordPress. Good luck on your novel!

    • At the moment it is not finished, and am trying to mix editing what I have done and also finish the story. It seems every time I think of a way to conclude I come up with another way to continue. Writing Hell blog was initially set up to try and encourage me to do both. Put all my writing’s on the blog and for record. Unfortunately I have come to a stand still, so am trying to edit the chapters and put them on Writing hell.
      Will do NANOWRIMO this year, hopefully will be able to do another.
      A big thank you for reading and interest. Will do like wise, and encourage each when needed.. lol 😉

  5. Gerry, I couldn’t help but comment on your statement about trying to end the novel and coming up with more instead. I used to hear novelists say that their stories seemed to take on a life of their own once they were underway. I thought that sounded a little strange, and even though I wrote some things as a kid, I didn’t recognize that kind of experience. But when I got into serious novel writing, I found out that it really is true. I am so often amazed at how my stories end up going in directions I hadn’t planned — or how four chapters into a novel I am suddenly seeing an ending I didn’t envision at all, and I have to stop and write it quickly so as not to lose it. Of course, since I am a strong Christian and have always believed the Lord orchestrated my life to the extent that I would allow Him to, and since I write novels primarily to help people see how a real God works in real people’s lives, I have to believe that He has a definite hand in the direction of my stories. But whether a writer is a Christian or not, that experience seems to be very much a part of the creative process — at least for those who seriously GIVE themselves to their work.

    Also, I’d like to respond to Blastedgoat’s comment about seeing all the errors. I’ve learned that no matter how carefully — or how many times — you proofread a piece on the computer screen, there are just some errors that don’t show up until you are reading them printed in ink on that piece of paper.
    And I suppose no matter how many times you read a story, you will always find something to “fix.” I know I do. But one thing that has saved me a lot of time, energy, and aggravation is a quote I came across several years ago. It is taped to a printer on my desk. I don’t know who said it, but he was most definitely a writer with lots of experience. Here it is: “Done is better than perfect. Sometime after the 10th revision, you have to let it go.”

    I think being a newspaper reporter helps me, because working on deadline for that on a regular basis gives me lots of practice at making myself “finish” the story and let it go. I’m grateful for all that experience.

    And last, but certainly not least, CONGRATULATIONS on 50,000 words in a month!

    • Novels taking on a life of their own is something I have found happening time and again. Characters pop in as unimportant, and later become vital. Characters insist on doing their own thing, often to my immense frustration. In one instance, a description insisted on staying in one of my novels, and only suddenly gained significance in an adventure two books later.

      • I have found that some one can start to ramble and it becomes a diary rather than a story, Not being experienced it is difficult, I get stuck for particular words or descriptions. More into poetry and Lyric writing with the odd short story. Thanks again for your comment, I value all and take on board….;)

  6. Good luck with your writing. It is something that is such a powerful part of me that I can’t imagine not doing it.

  7. I just discovered you had this wiritng blog. I look forward to coming back lots of time and reading some of your work.

  8. Giving you some well deserved recognition, in the form of a little game that was played with me, because I think you and this blog are amazing. 😀
    Head on over to http://serendipityplus.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/tagged-again/ for instructions on how to play. No pressure. Just know that I think your blog is awesome and I’m letting everyone know. 😀

  9. Hello, your blog is nice! 50000 words a month is no small feat! Carry on with your writing, looking forward to your fantasy novel 🙂 Good luck! I was wondering, if you are into reading ebooks about fiction- with a touch of adventure and inspiration, then may be you could check out my blog at your own leisure–http://musewithcoffee.wordpress.com, my latest ebook: 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life – a novella of such a genre has been released at Amazon, and I posted the synopsis at my blog. I wish you a great week ahead.

  10. I did NaNoWriMo in 2011 also! It sounds like you’re ahead of me in working with it since. 🙂

  11. I’m all over the place with my NaNo too. Maybe I’ll learn something here. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

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