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Monday 25th January 2016



At long last my porch has been repaired, new boards layed and varnished and the bannister rails with a new coat of paint. So for the first time for a long time I am sitting on the porch on this rather damp and miserable day. The mist has moved away and the fine misty rain sweeping slowly across the moorland. However, tea in hand, guitar leaning against my chair, I recall a story from my young days when I had not been playing the guitar for long………..


I was alone, sitting on my bed, strumming away on my guitar. If I remember right I hadn’t been playing long so therefore I would have been trying out some new exercises. These excercises would be scales, trying to loosen my fingers, followed by chord progressions, and finishing with a couple of newly learnt songs.

Mother appeared at the door and stood listening for a few minutes, then she came in, “Here, I think it is the right time.” she then handed me a violin case.

“This violin has been with me since I was thirteen, and I played it many time in concerts with a small orchestra. I also played it at Southampton Guildhall in 1937 and 38 when I was about your age. I did a solo piece and a duet with a young man I used to know well at the time. His name is Norman Spracklin, unfortunately I believe he was killed in the war. And as you are following my interest in music by playing a guitar I want you to have my instrument and hope you will look after it but please do what you feel. I don’t think it is worth much in monetary terms, maybe you might learn to play it a little bit.” She took the violin out of it’s slightly tatty and worn case and handed it to me, and after looking it over and feeling it I gave it back to her, “Can you tune it for me?” I asked.

I then witnessed the most amazing thing ever, even to this day nothing betters, my mother proceeded to tune the violin, with no tuning devices, and then played God save the Queen, our National anthem. I was so knocked back and impressed I started to embarrass my mother.

“Not bad…. it was over thirty years ago since I played anything on this violin, I am surprised the strings held out.” she left and returned about ten minutes later and handed me some documents. There were two music certificates and a three woodworking certificates.

“The music ones was for when I played in a competition and won the soloist section and came second in the duet category. I played with my friend Norman, that I have mentioned. He was an excellent violinist, I am sure if he survived the war he would have been famous in an orchestra travelling the world.” she then picked up the woodwork certificates. ” These I was awarded for my skills during the war where I was building gun boats at Bucklers Hard for the war effort. I learnt how to build the frames and interior and it was for these skills that the certificates were given to me. I had some lovely memories from that time, it was there I first met your dad.” She started to look a little emotional, sad maybe.

She started to leave when she turned and said, “I have never told anyone before but Norman very nearly became my husband, if he returned from his war effort,” she paused, “Well never mind he never came back. Anyway, I have had some good moments with the instrument. It is yours to do as you wish, just promise me you will look after it and give it a new home.” she then left and I was sitting on my bed alone with all sorts of thoughts going on in my head.One was that I was glad Norman never returned, purely selfish reasons. I would not exist was one.

I still have her violin and certificates after 45 plus years, the instrument is nearly a 100 years old, and I still cannot play it.

Gerry A/C© Re-posted from 2014

Sitting on a Porch (2)



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Think before you???????? [poem]

Friday 15th January 2016.


Think Before You Leap.

I sometimes wonder by returning home,

Is it the right thing to do.

Yes I do still call it home

It is not the same which is quite true.


The village life is still within

But the people are no longer, gone.

Gone maybe, closely related more akin,

We are still singing the same ole’ song.


Thinking of now, living the moment,

Today not tomorrow or yesterday.

Everything one does is heaven sent.

Slogging through life, no way!


Ambling through the water-splash,

Strolling over the rickety old bridge.

Walking the grassy country footpath

Standing, staring out from the rivers edge.


The sun shines brightly on my apple tree,

The fruit is young with colourful blossom.

This tree was the place I wanted to be,

My tree was never far from my home.


No longer there, finally lived its life,

Its memory now takes its place.

As long as it remain bright and rife,

Need not travel back just to keep face.


When our present becomes our past,

And our now is what we want it be.

We are not in a play, not part of the cast.

We are the one who writes our story.

Gerry A.

cropped-sitting-on-a-porch11.jpg Gerry A/C 2016©


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New Batteries, Lights Bright. Brief Message

Friday 8th January 2016


stories are here again.

I have been away for a long time but now I have new batteries and my lights are bright. There will be poetry mixed with short and long stories that are brewing nicely in my head, eagerly awaiting to be read by you.  Some good and some, at the moment not so good. Also some are already written, maybe in need of a little editing. Some you may have read before, if so please be patient and enjoy again. 

I haven’t posted on this site for a long time, some may not have missed it, some may have, but for me it has been pure laziness. I have not posted regularly on Restawyle either and as for this site and my music site ‘Brocks Music Shed’ well I ashamed to say they have been ignored. I especially enjoyed posting music of many styles, many tastes and including your choices. So yes guilty of laziness. No excuses but I have been otherwise busy at times. But this site I miss and I want to get back into the Sitting on the Porch stories. Posting a varied range of stories, different story lines, mostly fantasy adventures with a twist. If you don’t mind I will start again by posting stories from my old blog called Sitting on the Porch from which this one has been renamed with the added digit 2. This name change etc.has been explained in an earlier post please read if confused, I am confusing myself. I have been writing a crime story and this might just be the place to post a few paragraphs for your views.

Sitting on the Porch symbol I have just printed off several copies of my fanatsy story ‘The Parchment’ a story of a magical journey with magical creatures. I am handing them out for people to read and hopeully give me some positive feedback. It matters not whether it is good or bad as long as it is constructive. Fingers crossed.

cooltext1174754489 Gerry A/C2016©

paperback size


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So Far? Book Cover ideas


November 30th Monday.


It is the end of November, the end of Nanowrimo and the end of my rather poor attempt. This year I had fully intended to participate and for the first few weeks everything was fine. But I got involved in another project which will last until just before Xmas and because of this it put an end to quality time and I was therefore unable to commit to writing which has resulted in not completing the task. I am disappointed in not being able to commit fully and finish but I had to put priorities first, timing was not good. I did reach just over 25000 words.

It has not been a complete loss, my story, a modern-day crime/adventure story has started to evolve from a short story which I have published here.  Some great characters have started to develop, the story line which started from the short story has now matured into a tight fast-moving, twisting and intertwining lines, with lots of surprises. Lots of dead bodies and blood, not too descriptive, with plots yet to be unraveled. Because of my Crime Fiction course I have moved into an unknown world and with my current attempt I will continue to write and hopefully finish this story. Even I am intrigued has to how it will end.

Wizard Prince Cover

King and Queen of the ‘Kingdom of Whitemoor’ live in a small castle with their five sons and one daughter. Their internal fighting and battle for supremacy, and next in line. The story covers the adventures of all of them. All heading in different directions, all with their personal conflicts eventually come together to ward off evil and save their kingdom. Out of all these battles one son, the quiet travelling minstrel, emerges as the powerful wizard and saviour to the kingdom.

19102014 111

A guitar player is drawn into a parallel world. He picks up a parchment dropped by an elderly couple.  While he attempts to return it he discovers it is magic. The verse written on it guides him to his first mission and it changes as each task is completed. He meets and becomes friends with creatures of this world who aid him. They encounter many problems and he discovers that he has to return lost souls of the old generation of the land. The people were once the guardians of the land. He discovers his music has magical abilities which also help him and his group.

cover for Nooks

This particular cover was originally designed for my novel ‘Birth of the Wizard Prince’ but I decided to use it as a cover for short stories. I even changed the title as you will have noticed. This story originated from a short story of the same name.

Gerry A/C 2015 ©



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Taking the Stairs [poem]

Friday 6th January 2017

Taking the Stairs? [poem]

Pushing the button, I get locked away.

My vision is blinded, cannot see a thing.

Routine, same thing again today,

The sudden jolt, I hear a little ting.

Rising or falling, watching the number,

Seven, eight or nine, many more.

I am just like any other consumer,

Watching and waiting for the door.

Another ding, and the door parts,

I am still alone, on my own.

I stumble as it once again starts.

Something strange it starts to groan.

Numbers stop and red lights flash,

Heart rate rises, what do I do?

Calm down, do nothing brash,

Breathe calmly and wait for the crew.

Not again, second time this week.

Can only sit down and wait.

Once again do I turn a cheek,

Again it looks like I will be late.

Patience is now getting very thin,

They should start supplying chairs.

Uncertainty is getting under my skin.

From now on I’ll take the stairs.

Gerry A/C©

March 23rd 2015


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Confused or What!

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Confused or What!

I have looked so hard,

Tried to see what is there.

But my mind lets me down.

Up and down, everywhere.

The blacks and grey,

All mingle, blend, blur and fuse.

Other people, they look and say,

Those two trees they do not amuse.

Edges looking frosty and dark,

A cold winters morn.

No birds, not even a lark,

Only snow those hills adorn.

Lonely they stand, clouds above,

Blotches of cloud float high.

Here I see no love.

Sadness now, time to sigh.

Maybe I see no snow,

Just grey and white with some black.

Meaning what? I don’t know,

Like I said, I see nothing, vision I lack.

Simplicity it certainly shows,

Again my view, probably wrong.

The picture showing no rows,

Time for guitar, must play a song.

Gerry A/C© March 2015.




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Change of Name.

Sunday 15th March 2015

I have an announcement to make!


I have decided to rename this site, as you can see it is now ‘Sitting on the Porch 2’. It was the name of one of my other sites which was originally brought to life a couple of years ago to post short stories, poetry etc. It started well and the stories were good, mostly with someone sitting on the porch with me and telling me a story which I then re-told on the site. But unfortunately it has not worked out the way I had hoped, I have found it very hard to keep posting and give it the attention I wanted, so hence my decision to delete the site.  But one good thing is that this site can continue with the good intentions I originally intended. So I hereby give notice that “Sitting on the Porch” is no more. The good thing is that this site ‘Writing Hell’ is now titled as above and hopefully will continue with the good stories and poetry my old site used to post. Because I am in the process of revamping this site hopefully I will start posting some original short stories, most of around 1000 – 1200 words. Maybe more in cases as these are purely guidelines.

Sitting on the Porch symbol Gerry A/C 2015


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