Updated 1st March 2013..

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formerly known as


I am a  person with plenty of time on my hands. In the last couple of years I have started these blogs/posts mainly to speak my mind and generally release some pent-up frustration.

In my early years I played the guitar ( and still do) for several bands, covering various styles, rock and roll, country and middle of the road.I played as a soloist, writing my own songs, lyrics and poems, and started in folk clubs. So I thought this might be a good way to express myself and hope that I can pass on to other people. While I have been doing this I have also discovered other people whose writing I also like so am learning as I travel this road to discovery.

Update… Have now posted a few and received some good responses, and discovered other good pages. my music had become a little more prominent due to frequenting folk clubs and jamming sessions.

thank you09

Thank you12


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